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You may not have noticed it, but straight people have been discriminated against for centuries. From being made to vote,  getting to work in any occupation they desire, to ruling counties. Poor straight men. Straight Trump voters feel personally victimised by everyone else.

Though the big guy in the Whitehouse is a big old ocean of pig’s vomit, washing up one rotting whale caracas after another on America’s shores, his voters are also a source of un-ending swill. This week in Trump voter news, the straight men feel that they’re facing more discrimination than LGBT+ people, as well as people of colour. 

In a new poll conducted by YouGov and the Economist, they were ask questions on ‘How much discrimination do the following people face in America Today?’. In the poll they were presented with different population groups, and were asked to chose from ‘none at all’, ‘not much’, ‘a fair amount’ and ‘a great deal’. 

HALF, yes HALF of Trump voters, when asked whether heterosexual men faced discrimination, answered that they faced ‘significant amount of discrimination’. This was higher than that for any other group. 

The statistics show that 18% answered that they faced ‘a great deal’ of discrimination, and 32% answered that they faced ‘a fair amount’. 

When it comes to women, only 30% of them felt that women were discriminated against. Only 7% thought that women faced ‘a great deal’. It’s just perplexing. 

The poll consisted of 1500 US adults between the 14th and 16th of October of this year. 

When it came to people of colour, it was only 38% of them that believed that they faced any discrimination, with little answering they faced ‘a great deal’. 

THEN when asked about LGBTI people, there was a combined vote of 41% that they faced any discrimination. 32% felt that queer people face “a fair amount” of discrimination, and only 9 felt that we faced ‘a great deal’. This means that 59% of trump voters don’t think LGBTI people don’t experience much discrimination.

We’re just perplexed, so we think we need a little lie down. Call us back once Michelle Obama’s president. 

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