69 Seconds With… Mark & Jason Ford

The head honchos at Sweatbox Sauna give us the lowdown on their big reopening!

Hey Guys! Describe yourself in three gorgeous words.

MF: On our website, the three words we used to describe Mr and Mr Ford are Provocation. Deviation. Masturbation.   But that’s purely in our spare time and not a reflection of our business!

JF: Someone once described us – as Sohocialites. But it’s only one word.

MF: But it does say a lot about us…


What are you most guilty of?

JF: We don’t believe in guilt or innocence.

MF: Only experiences.

Shag, marry, avoid; Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage, Jeremy Clarkson

JF: I’d shag Boris, but I’m not into scat…

MF: I would happily marry Nigel Farage…..to Theresa May.

JF:  Jeremy Clarkson. I don’t drive – already avoided.

What’s the fabbest thing that’s ever happened to you?

JF: Drinking Cristal with Jerry Hall and my idol, Grace Jones in her trailer.

MF: Celebrating Halloween in West Hollywood with Graham Norton and buying a (terrible!) JPG jacket because he thought it looked ‘fab’ on me.

You own a certain business some people might be familiar with…tell us a little about it?

JF: SweatBox is the most fun you can have in Soho without your clothes on.

MF: Am I allowed to mention the Boyz Awards?

What’s the best Sweatbox story you’ve got?

JF: We’re keeping that for our memoirs.

MF: Film rights available by negotiation. We were thinking of calling it The Ins and Outs of Shaking it All About.

Were there any stumbling blocks during the refurb process?

JF: The interview said 69 seconds…

MF: And we had 99 Problems (but you bitches ain’t one). But it’s all behind us now. We’re back in two weeks’ time on April 1st at 4pm.

What can people expect from the shiny new Sweatbox?

MF: Everything they loved about the old SweatBox, but cleaner, bigger, and much better designed.

JF: More campness, more playfulness and twice as much sexiness.

MF: And we have a stage now, so we are going to bring back cabaret to bathhouse culture.

JF: Think Bette Midler and Barry Manilow on keyboards and sexy hunks in towels.

FINALLY – what time do you get off work?

JF: We run the busiest 24 hr sauna in London: we never finish working.

Find out more at www.sweatboxsoho.com and www.mrandmrford.com.

Sweatbox reopens at 4pm on 1st April.