We Know Visibility Well – An original poem by Travis Alabanza

Tube door opens.

I sit down.

An eruption of laughter.

we know visibility well.



A crowded bus.

Only the seat next to me is free.

You choose to stand.

we know visibility well.


Too many tweets,

another newspaper lies.

Debating on TV again.

we know visibility well.


I got called a freak the other day

on the Victoria line,

no one did anything, but a man

who over heard carried on watching

drag race on their phone.

As no doubt someone who had shared

an everyday feminism article earlier

that day kept their head down.

We know visibility well.


I no longer search for visibility,

it will not block the punch.

We know the feeling of visibility,

we are aware of what it means to be seen.

To be watched. To be followed.

To be scrutinised.

I no longer search for visibility,

call this a commitment to something more.


Travis is a performance artist and spoken word poet. Follow them on Instagram and Twitter @TravisAlabanza.