The ‘out of context’ Twitter accounts you should be obsessed with

This is the Twitter trend we never get tired of, no matter how long we swipe. It’s like Tinder in that respect, but without the patronising “There’s no-one in your area” message. There ARE people in our area, they’re just unworthy of us. This trend saw a rise in circulation following the popularisation of out of context Louis Theroux accounts that served up awkward slices of the national treasure in compromising situations. Since Theroux has now become the property of teenage girls the world over, we look elsewhere for our out of context giggles. Here are our TOP FIVE accounts dedicated to everything ‘out of context’:

5. queer eye out of context (@queereyecontext)

Queer Eye is wholesome family viewing, but take some of their strange one-liners out of context and it’s an absurdist world of nonsense. 


4. it’s monty python out of context (@nocontextmonty)

Who DOESN’T love Monty Python? It’s a British institution. Much of its hilarity comes from the fact that most of it is senseless random lunacy, so taking it out of context is oddly fitting.

3. mamma mia out of context (@mammamiacontext)

We were so glad that there was a Mamma Mia sequel just so this account got some more material. The main reason we’re avid followers is the heavy featuring of Christine Baranski. For more Baranski content you should also check out Christine Baranski Doing Things.

2. out of context desperate housewives (@dhnocontext)

Just when you start to forget how bombastic Desperate Housewives was, some bored teenager out there sets out to create an out of context account for the series.

These guys get EXTRA points for shading Felicity Huffman on her recent bribery of a University:

1. daytime snaps (@daytimesnaps)

No matter how dark these British days get, there’s always good old fashioned nonsensical daytime television to enjoy. Whether it’s having sex for a hamburger on Jeremy Kyle or Loraine Kelly’s breathtaking performance as Loraine, there’s so much to nap in front of. Serving up heavenly slices of the absurdity, Daytime Snaps covers them all from the Loose Women to Jezza K. All delightfully out of context. 

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