Pabllo Vittar met a gang of ‘old gays’ and it was adorable

'Old Gays Meet Pabloo Vittar', IntoMore on YouTube

Brazillian drag darling Pallo Vittar has her eyes set on world domination, hell-bent on bringing her message of love across the globe. Last year was a major one for the performer as she became the first Grammy-nominated drag queen to work the music scene. 

Despite it being only her second time in the United States, she couldn’t help but stop by and catch up with an adorable gang of older gay men. As part of Grindr’s (yes, that Grindr) Old Gays Meet series on their ‘IntoMore’ platform, three of their series regulars were given the opportunity to meet the neon-tinged vixen.

The minute that the gang take off their blindfolds, you can see the excitement rush to their faces as they struggle to contain themselves. Robert takes the seize the opportunity to get intimately familiar with her “booty”. In true Vittar fashion, she also takes the chance to coax out a little shower of compliments. 

It wasn’t long before they started bonding over Brazilian men. “OY, PAPITOS” She couldn’t help but invite them back to Brazil with her to party, where she’s keen to introduce them to some of her bisexual guys:

“We have some hot bisexuals in Brazil, I know a lot of them…” “I bet you do!”

Things get interesting when they take her up on the offer to teach them some choreo to her song ‘Problema Seu’. It doesn’t quite go to plan. The glistening cherry on top of this sticky sweet sundae is the boys getting serenaded by Mz Vittar.

All we can express is our glee and jealousy. Enjoy.


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