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She’s here, she’s proud and she’s got something to say!

That Lanah P is up to her old tricks again! Releasing remixes and challenging the status quo!

We LOVE Lanah. She’s one of those scene legends that defies time and definition, doing her own thing and being fabulous in the process.

She chatted to us over a frosty glass of pinot, and told us all about her thoughts on Pride and her PLANS!

Hi Lanah! We haven’t spoken in a few months. Give us an update on your life.

HELLO ARENT YOU NOSEY!  Well I always think it’s better to be looked over than overlooked. I’ve been spending an awful lot of time educating people on The Awakening, and realities of this world. It’s a mental matrix, a virtual reality…an illusion. And that includes this pernicious UK Current Governance, which is the core reason for the horrors of UNECCESSARY homelessness, foodbanks and four million children living in poverty.

PRIDE – What do you think of all the debates? It gets more heated every year.

Well, Pride is a conteantious issue. It’s all about class and who is in possession of the right social currency. I’ve always found that the place we’re supposed to go to be loved, accepted, nurtured and celebrated, is the very place where we can encounter the most hostility and rejection. Some people cannot transcend form. Of course, there are those who think it’s just a capitalistic machine for a good piss-up and to parade your knob behind some fancy knickers. Shameless objectification! Which is tragic. For many it IS just that, and that’s fine. Pride isn’t for all of us. My first Pride was 1985 and I’ve held centre stage at a myriad of them (and flattened a lot of grass behind the privet hedge after dark – WHO KNEW THERE WAS SO MUCH LOVE OUT THERE AND INSIDE OF ME).

Homophobic attacks are on the rise across the UK – why do you think that is?

The inadequates need a punchbag for their own neuroses. There are none more neurotically psychopathic than the far right fascist-minded. Take the attacks on trans, non-binary and anyone on that spectrum – not forgetting the plethora of transsexual women who have been murdered in America, mostly black. This would very strongly suggest a massive amount of inherant racism and self-loathing by the perpetrators. Viciously denying people their human rights to live the gender they feel most at home with. People are what they are by default. I’m the expert on me. The grief trans people encounter on the testosterone fueled club scene is DESPICABLE and must be stamped OUT!, Because my theory is that what the transgender and non binary person does is threaten many cis oppresors fronts and brings that person closer to their own inner truth.

You’re releasing a special mix of Pistol in my Pocket – tell us about that.

Yes, a great gay mix of my 1986 worldwide hI-NRG disco classic, “Pistol in my Pocket”. This specific mix was just so appropriate for the G.A.Y crowd and the Retro Bar crew. We had shot the tackiest, most predictable video to go with this particular mix. I said to David Ryder Prangley my guitarist and Rock God “We have to download this to YouTube – I’ve received so much love from the LGBT over the years, I want this to be a thank you.”

Finally – advice for those attending Pride?

If you’re at Pride, I want you to be in the moment, be self-aware but not self-conscious. There’s far too much of that. As you celebrate, cultivate a spirit of protest and anarchy too. Not against one and other, but against your oppressor. NOBODY IS FREE UNTIL WE ARE ALL FREE.

Lanah’s “Pistol in My Pocket” remix will be uploaded to YouTube on Thursday 27th June.


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