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With the innovation of digital dating, grabbing yourself a date has become easier than ever! But what if you’re not looking to date? What if you’re just looking to make some new friends to hang out with? Making new friends can be hard, especially if you’re new to a city or don’t meet a lot of other gay men in your day-to-day. Enter ‘Friend Mode’, the new feature on Chappy that lets people connect to find new friends. 

Chappy, the super-stylish gay relationship app for men, is launching ‘Friend Mode’, a new platonic connection feature developed to help create meaningful friendships and expand social circles. ‘Friend Mode’ makes it easier for users to build supportive relationships and community no matter where they are in their lives.

In ‘Friend Mode’, users can connect in a safe and empowering way for friendship, whether they’re in a new city, looking for a gym buddy, to mentor or be mentored, or searching for support and advice on coming out. ‘Friend Mode’ lets Chappy users connect with other gay men in a pressure-free, platonic environment. Users must mutually swipe right to match and initiate a chat, just as they would in Chappy Date Mode.

Sam Dumas, Head of Brand, Chappy told us:

“As our lives evolve, so does our need for authentic friendships. Too often, the destinations where gay men are directed to online-only feed into harmful stereotypes. We want all gay and bi men to be able to enjoy Chappy – to meet friends, to mentor or be mentored, to be listened to, to get help with coming out, to meet people in different cities. But most importantly, to be empowered to be themselves.”

Along with the debut of ‘Friend Mode’, Chappy has unveiled a new look called ‘Planet Chappy’, a metaphor for the galaxy of gay connections – sending out a signal to all men to explore a digital universe of safer, more accountable connections. The app maintains its mission to build better relationships for gay men, free from stereotypes, one connection at a time.

Chappy and its users recognise the value of friendships, especially in the gay community, and the launch of ‘Friend Mode’ alongside ‘Date Mode’ will help support gay men in all aspects of their lives. In ‘Date Mode’ users can connect in Commitment, where they embark on an exploration that can lead to something a bit more serious; match in Casual, where it might be light speed, but it’ll be seriously fun; or stargaze in All Dating, where they can go along for the ride and match with people in Commitment and Casual.

To find out more about Chappy, visit or follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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