Chambers_ review – ‘one wild multi-dimensional dining experience’

Multi-dimensional dining experience, Chambers_
Multi-dimensional dining experience, Chambers_. Photo by Rob Greig.

★★★★ by Ifan Llewelyn

When it comes to eating out, Londoners have the distinct reputation of doing so more than your average Brit. We’re all rather prone to popping to the Korean next door for a rice bowl rather than spending time putting something together in a cramped kitchen. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to have a memorable evening dining out. That’s where the immersive dining experience comes in, giving you a meal that you’re sure to never forget. Gingerline‘s latest mysterious dining experience Chambers is a meal that’s sure to satisfy more than just your appetite. 

After booking your reservation, you’re told to keep the evening clear in your diary and wait for a text message informing you where you’ll be heading that evening. For those of us who aren’t a fan of being out of control, this makes for quite a change since there’s very little you can arrange when you don’t know where you’re heading. Once the text arrives a few hours before your set to embark on this adventure, you follow their specific instructions and arrive at a door marked with a mysterious symbol. You check in your things, trap a bum bag across you, and prepare yourself for whatever the next few hours have in store. 

Travelling through multiple universes where it’s always dinner time, you’re careened through time, space and through the threads of reality into fantastical imagined worlds. Of course, the cynics among you might roll your eyes at the idea of investing in this theatrical adventure, but doing so would deprive yourself of this fantastic culinary experience. Like a child at Disneyland, it’s so much more enjoyable to suspend disbelief for these few hours and give yourself over to the adventure. Consisting of five scrumptious courses, a palate cleanser and a welcome drink, your travels through these dimensions never leave you hungry, serving delectable nibbles throughout your time travelling the multi-verse. Invest in a consistent stream of drinks and it’s sure to enhance the experience. Trust us, a few glasses in and you’re fully invested in the narrative.


Though not quite maintaining a compelling storyline, at least not one that could be understood after one too many of the aforementioned wines, this is an evening you’re sure to be talking about for a while. Bring along a friend and dive headlong into this world of compelling culinary curiosities. 

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