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Legendary Mastery Dom Brew Hunter is hosting his yearly Berlin Backlash event this Saturday at London’s infamous Backstreet, having celebrated his first appearance at Folsom Berlin at the weekend’s main Leather party, Testosterone.
Brew let us know that he had an “all-night hard on” hosting the Mastery BDSM Club and SMoke Lounge, which was packed with some of the randiest LeatherMen from around the world, and furnished with a cage and whipping post, which he made great use of all evening! In association with the LeatherMan’s drink of choice – Tom Of Finland vodka – special 50th Anniversary Stonewall cocktails and Tom Of Finland vodka shots put everyone in the XX party mood. They then headed through the curtain to the party’s vast DarkRoom. Non-stop hard and heavy PlaySpace Sounds, supplied especially by USA Producer/DJ M.ARANA (who collaborated with Brew on the new hard-hitting Mastery: The Album), worked the LeatherMen into a frenzy as they explored the shadows and slings.
The dimly-lit outside SMoke Yard and Cruise/Piss area made a welcome ‘breather’ for all, inbetween the dirt and debauchery going on inside. A queue of booted LeatherMen waited patiently for the services of Brew’s mate, and world-renowned bootblack, Pete Wesco who buffed and polished solidly for six hours, sending out a gang of well-satisfied customers!
Brew Hunter
Brew Hunter in Berlin. He’s hosting Berlin Backlash at The Backstreet on Saturday 21st September. Photo by D81photos.
Brew Hunter returned back to his dungeon apartment at the fully-equipped Hoist Basements to catch some quick shut-eye before hitting the streets again for the fantastic Folsom Street Party on Saturday! The sun blazed down on thousands of sweaty and horny fetish freaks in leather, rubber and chains, all admiring the never-ending man flesh on display, knocking back the copious beer on supply, and watching the BDSM demonstrations! 
Filling us in on his wild weekend, Brew shared: “It was awesome to meet so many friends from around the world, and I was proud to see a particularly good showing from The UK Leather/Rubber crowd. Berlin Folsom is truly one of the great Fetish events around the world. We missed our friends who were unable to make it, but everyone was determined to return home, tired, dirty and happy. Determined to share the spirit of Leather and Fetish that Berlin reminds us every year that we all share!”
Brew’s Mastery BDSM Club & SMoke Lounge will join in with the Testosterone Leather Party once again at Berlin FOLSOM 2020. Head to to find out more.
Berlin Backlash is at The Backstreet, Mile End E3 4SP on Saturday 21st September. 

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