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Slip into those torn fishnets for this scary season’s thumping hits

It’s the SPOOKIEST time of the year! But we’re not feeling very spooky. Halloween’s got a bit lost in all the other crap that’s happening hasn’t it. All that stuff with all those people in Westminster. But god knows we all need a distraction from that, and Halloween’s the perfect excuse, so let’s embrace it! One way of doing that is by getting yourself a gorgeously ghoulish Halloween playlist.

Witchy records are all the rage right now – so pour yourself a pumpkin vodka martini (NOT a pumpkin juice like in Hary Potter – READ A DIFFERENT BOOK) and settle into these fangtastic tunes.

Season Of The Witch – Lana Del Rey

Never one to shy away from a bit of witchery, our Lana goes full Eastwick in her cover of this 60s classic. Don a cotton negligée, put some dry twigs on your head and dive into a bush on Hampstead Heath.

all the good girls go to hell – billie eillish

Our lack of uppercase usage here would make our year 8 English teacher FURIOUS, but that’s how Billie likes it, because she’s COOL, OK? She didn’t ask to be born! “all the good girls go to hell” has racked up millions of listens on Spotify and has made some fundamentalists very angry – Halloweeny!

Dragula – Rob Zombie

Rock/metal legend Rob Zombie is CAMP. He’s about as camp as straight men get. He’s like The Night King after a hit of poppers. His screaming stomper DRAGULA is all about…well, we’re not actually sure because we can’t understand the lyrics, but from the name, we’re guessing it’s about blood-sucking drag queens. We’ve all met a few of those.

There Will Be Blood – Kim Petras

The saviour of modern pop music Kim Petras changed the game when she surprise-dropped a Halloween album last year, and this year she’s done it again and dropped ANOTHER ONE! We don’t deserve you Kim. The standout track is shouty, sexy, scary anthem There Will Be Blood.

Disturbia – Rihanna

Bet you’d forgotten about this one hadn’t ya! Back in the gorgeously overproduced pop days of Space Cowboy and Cherry Boom Records and Red One (“Red wuunn…SUGABAAHAAABES!”) this was an absolute stomper. We had sex to it on the floor of Chariots once, true story.

Tainted Love – Marilyn Manson

Obviously, we had to include this one. This is a great song at ANY time of the year, but especially around Halloween. It really facilitates mad sexy throwing-your-hair-around dancing like that scene with Buffy and Faith in Buffy. You know the one.

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