Ever fancied going to a totally naked gym in Central London? Well now you can!

totally naked gym

You can now work out completely starkers at Soho’s SweatBox.

Getting a sweat on at the gym is part of the modern metropolitan lifestyle. Most of us spend our week chained to a desk, so getting the blood pumping is important. But having a clean kit to work out in every day is such a ball-ache and doubles your weekly washing load, (lol, load).

SweatBox’s brand new Sunday gives you the chance to do away with your kit, and get that pump on in your Birthday suit.

Of course, SweatBox’s Naked Workouts aren’t just for saving on your laundrette bill, but about bringing a sexy edge to your fitness regime. Work out like the original Olympians, getting those weights going in your birthday suit. Exercising in the nude gave the ancient Greeks the freedom to really take a look at their progress. It’s hard to see if those glutes are really being worked out under a poofy pair of gym shorts.

The only advice we’d give is to check out where you’re throwing down your weights. No one wants a flattened member.  Ouch. Side note, did you know that if you’re under 25 you can gain access to all of SweatBox’s facilities for free on a Monday? From 8 am until midnight, you can come along and get your sweat on at the gym or in the sauna. 


As many of us know, the gym can be quite an intimidating environment, so having a space that predominantly caters for gay and bi men is fantastic. And if they’re naked and looking for some action? We’re sure you’d be more than happy to oblige. Though there are sure to be a fair share of Adonises getting their pectorals pulsating, SweatBox are all about being inclusive. Their facilities are open to people of all bodies, all shapes and all ages, regardless of your level of experience. They don’t tolerate body shaming, in any way, shape or form. You don’t need to look like a god to work out the Greek way.

Sweatbox Soho, 1-2 Ramillies Street, Soho W1F 7LN.  Naked Workouts are every Sunday from noon to 4pm. Find out more at SweatboxSoho.com.