Glasgow nightclub praised after ejecting woman wearing transphobic “LGB Alliance” t-shirt

A woman was asked to leave a nightclub in Glasgow after other patrons complained to staff about the t-shirt she was wearing. 

It bared the slogan “LGB Alliance” – the name of a transphobic internet group which is campaigning for the removal of the “T” from LGBT. They say transgender people should not be included with the rest of the queer community. 

She attended the Polo Lounge in Glasgow last weekend, which advertises itself on Twitter as “Scotland’s biggest and most fabulous LGBTQ venue.”

Multiple customers complained to people working there after seeing her “LGB Alliance” t-shirt. She then released a video on Twitter, saying that the decision to eject her was “ridiculous”.

People soon came to the Polo Lounge’s defence, saying she should not have attended an LGBT space while wearing a t-shirt that deliberately contradicted that ethos: 

The LGB Alliance and other transphobic organisations like it are gathering momentum in Scotland and across the UK – you can help stop them by reporting incidents like this to those in authority when you see them. 


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