Beloved Scene Worker Hazel Haynes Passes Away

Hazel Haynes
Hazel Haynes. Photo by Chris Jepson.

Hazel Haynes was known throughout London’s LGBTQ+ scenes as one of the kindest person working club and bar doors. Having worked at Barcode, Gaydar Club and as Door Supervisor at Manbar and Head door person at Lo Profile, she was known to many as being a maternal figure who was firm but fair. Sad news broke this year that Hazel had passed away on Sunday, 29th December at 9:11 pm after a heart attack and a fall the night prior.

Many took to social media do share their memories of Hazel, taking the opportunity to pay their respects and thank her for keeping them safe on their nights out. Originally from Fulham, she dedicated her career to keeping the young people out on London’s gay scene safe.

Remembering Hazel, Marus James shared:  “Hazel is someone I have known on the scene since I was in my early 20s (about 25yrs) Always with a smile and hug on the door of whichever venue she was working at. I particularly remember her always sneaking me in at Bar Code Soho and Lo Profile to avoid the big queues! But we always spent time having a chat and catch up before I’d go into the club or when I had a smoke outside and I always felt safe and comfortable when I’d approach a venue and see her beaming smile and open arms.” Her kindness and compassion will be missed.

To help Hazel’s family with funeral expenses, a GoFundMe has been set up by friend of Hazel, Faeem Ahmed. In the post, Faeem shares: “Many of us loved Hazel and she was very much a mother figure on the gay scene and I always admired her ’fair but firm’ approach to Security and Door work. Hazel also had a very gentle and empathetic nature and was also a confide, a friend, a mentor, a colleague, a loving mum, sister, daughter, auntie etc and I’m sure so much more to so many.”


Hazels’ funeral will be at 2:20pm on Tuesday the 21stof January at South West Middlesex Crematorium, Hounslow Road TW13 5JH.

To make a donation, CLICK HERE