Yoohoo Ku! What’s popping off at Ku Bar this season

Ku Bar

We talk to certified KU cutie Stefanos to hear what’s coming up at London’s favourite party brand.

To get the low-down on this coming season at Ku Bar London, we meet dishy Ku boy Stefanos to talk drink deals, DiCaprio and Valentines.

Happy January Stefanos! How are things over at the Ku collective?

I like this month because it’s the month of cheating. All of us start off saying ‘Dry January’ but we never keep our promises! After a hectic Christmas season and a unique NYE with our ‘’Roaring 20’s’’ event in our Light Lounge on the 1st floor, we are taking it easy now gearing up and getting organised for the next few busy months ahead!

It feels like more people are going dry this January than ever before. Why is it important that we still turn out to support our gay bars?


Gay bars like ours aren’t just offering drinks and alcohol – you can get this in any bar. They offer live drag shows, unique DJs, extravagant clientele and of course by showing up in gay bars people are supporting the wider LGBTQ+ community and businesses that, as you know, are always at risk. Besides, all of our bars have non-alcoholic options. From beers to mocktails our huge variety of drinks and brands covers the needs of any customer.

Are you running any drink deals at the mo’?

We do! Not to be missed since they’re for a very limited time only. From 12 pm until 8 pm we have Cocktail Spritzers (Aperol, Melonade, Bosford Rose Gin) are at £6, pint of premium draft beer (Pravha) at £4, and house wine at £4 (175ml) and £15 (Bottle).

Ku’s bar boys famously strip down on the weekend. Is it true that cute boys don’t feel the cold?

We are too ‘’hot’’ to be cold… The infamous Ku Bar boys at 10pm every Friday and Saturday take their tops off which are proudly sponsored by Addicted, ES and EsMale.

If you had to choose five celebs to be dishing out drinks behind the Ku bar, who would they be?

Five celebs I would like to see are Barbra Streisand, Adele, Leonardo Di Caprio and the two queens: Elizabeth and Queen B (of course!) to join us for a pint or two.

It looks like Ku has really pumped up the DJ roster. Who’s mixing with you this week?

We have up to 20 DJs at our venues! This week we have DJ Thanos from Greece and DJ Jorge from Spain giving us all pop beats, Prince Jay Jay with his iconic outfits, influencer DJ Tom Fox and of course Lady Lloyd on her weekly Sunday DJ set in our Drag night ‘Man I Feel Like A Woman’ with a bunch of live drag acts!

Valentines is just around the corner, what does Ku have lined up?

We are dressing our venue up in red and rose. ‘’Revolutionary’’, I know, but we love red, passion and love ok? Let us be! We are just about to launch our Valentine’s drinks offers and packages for our cocktail bar The Light Lounge so keep your eyes peeled to our social media accounts. Our Valentine’s weekend will consist of 7 DJs and special Valentine Drag performances on Sunday with Lady Lloyd hosting.

What are you most looking forward to at Ku Bar in 2020?

Meeting new people and seeing new faces in our venues! Our scene has been so supportive and we’re so appreciative. It has so much beauty and so many young people getting more and more involved which we so support. For example, we are co-producing two LGBTQ+ theatre plays this year, Coming Clean and Opera Undone, which we are so happy about.  I’m looking so forward to broaden the horizons of KU Group by expanding the brand.

Visit Ku Bar at 30 Lisle Street, Leicester Square WC2H 7BA and Little Ku at 25 Frith Street, Soho W1D 5LB. Find them on socials: @KuBar.