Here’s what’s happening at Above The Stag, the UK’s only LGBT+ theatre

Above The Stag Gay Theatre
Photos by GAZ at PGB Studios

When did YOU last go to the theatre? We know sometimes all you want to do, after a hard day’s grind (or a hard night’s Grindr) is put your feet up, pour yourself a glass of cheap plonk and watch the Devil Wears Prada for the 5000th time (“It’s just…drizzling!”)

We know that’s the easiest option, and that’s fine! But it’s also great to get out there and drink in all the culture our thriving thespian city has to offer – once you get up and out, you’ll be glad you did. There are hundreds of theatres to choose from, but there’s only one that shows exclusively LGBT+ content – Above The Stag in Vauxhall!

It’s got a beautiful, relatively new home under one of the iconic Vauxhall arches, a spacious glass-walled reception/bar area providing a window onto one of the scene’s most frequented thoroughfares. If you sit there for long enough you’ll see the whole world go by – and by “the whole world” we mean an RVT DJ, Ben Whishaw and Mrs Moore dragging a suitcase.

The Above The Stag has a constantly changing roster of plays throughout the year, dealing with any and all issues facing the gay community today, or issues we faced in the past.

Throughout this month until 1st March, catch “The Morning After” a comedy written by Peter Quilter and directed by Andrew Beckett. It’s a light, farcical take on something MANY of us have experienced – the one night stand! The play’s official synopsis pegs it as “sweet, sexy and gloriously silly…a sunny comedy for winter.”


Next, coming at the end of the month, is the more serious “Spy Plays”. Written by David Thame and directed by Peter Darney, this one’s inspired by real life mysterious and is actually a double pill of two short plays – “Kompromat” and “London/Budapest”.

 “Kompromat” is a queer take on the chilling and sensational true story story of the GCHQ employee found dead in his flat in 2010, while “London/Budapest” documents the secretive life of Adam de Hegedus, the author of Britain’s first gay bestseller The Heart In Exile.

The Morning After runs until 1st March and Spy Plays runs until 29th March. You can book and pre-book tickets at