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For some people, hair loss can be very distressing, especially when the hair loss happens at a relatively young age. We wanted to know what it means when suppliers like LordHair say they can provide undetectable hairpieces. We asked one wearer who has taken the plunge, and is now a proud user of a hair system, about their experience.

I hope you’re comfortable. Is this quite a sensitive subject for you?

It is. There are so many emotions that we tend to put towards how we look and especially in the industry I work in. We are scrutinised for what we look like.

Wouldn’t one solution be to just shave your head?

Not at all. That option would be like telling me in my 20s that I will never have sex again. That is how emotional and disturbing my hair loss was. It made me feel desperate for a solution and like thousands of men, I turned to all the wrong quick fixes.

But aren’t there a lot of solutions?

A hair loss sufferer is an easy target for marketing. Adverts for pills and potions play with our vulnerability and I fell for it – because I was so desperate for someone, something, to help with my hair loss.

There are so many products available, surely they must work?

They didn’t for me. That’s all I can say, and I tried a lot. I would notice a new shampoo and try it, it doesn’t work and so I go on to the other product to catch my eye.

What did you do then?

I went through the stages of styling my hair differently and then that phased out and I needed more intervention, so I used concealers (a type of hair powder that disguises the bald scalp).

That doesn’t sound ideal. What happens if a date wants to run his fingers through your hair?

It’s not ideal and its even more horrific if it rains, or if you have white pillowcases. It did the job in part and ultimately eased the worry of individuals finding out I was losing my hair. However, it does cause worry in other places (like if it rains etc).

Did you consider having a hair transplant?

I did the research but I wasn’t comfortable either spending so much money in one go or by the fact that it’s borderline surgery, depending on what method. Something that I still can’t get my head around is I could have had a hair transplant but it may not have achieved the complete density and one transplant may not have been enough.


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So one transplant might not do the job?
From what I hear, many men have said they will need additional transplants to improve the density. Let’s not forget, a transplant doesn’t stop your non-transplanted hair from falling out!

This all sounds quite stressful. What did you do?

Imagine discovering all of this for the first time. It took me around 5 years to exhaust all my options and I ended up wearing a hair system. It’s something I wish I had decided to do in the first place.

So why didn’t you?

I didn’t like the idea of wearing a wig. Now I like the idea of wearing a hair system. To me there’s a difference.

What’s the difference?

Many associate wigs with comedy and them falling off. Hair systems shouldn’t fall off. They are attached to the scalp. I can swim, shower, work out all the activities I would normally do without the fear of my hair system falling off. It can get wet in the rain; I can sleep with it on. The only maintenance needed is to take the system off and clean both the scalp and system (every 3-6 weeks).

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So I guess the hair system could have saved you many years of angst?

It would have! When I look back, I notice how depressed my hair loss was making me. Seeing strands of hair in the bath, on the floor, in my hands, on my brush – it was devastating.

What would your advice be to men with hair loss?

If it’s not getting you down then carry on with whatever you’re doing. Otherwise, look at hair system options, it’s no different to wearing clothes. Companies such as LordHair now make undetectable hair systems which means the base is so thin and undetectable to the human eye. I’m very happy with my LordHair hair system.


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