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Pride Special at

We love June! It is the just the most LGBTQI month of the whole year and at we are here for it. We are seeing more and more inclusive parties. We are not just talking about all the Prides that are being organised in the UK but also other large events that are working toward inclusion. Take Glastonbury for example, the Queer Party Space Block 9 is back with two fields and a whole host of late-night parties celebrating queer culture! We are also seeing new Prides being organised in places that have never had one such as Chichester, I heard it was a great success. 

Celebrate your shapes!

As an online store there is not much more, we can offer than sponsoring events, contributing to charities and support the community where we can. What we can do is to make sure you look your best in less for as little as possible. This is why this Pride Month we have reduced our Addicted Underwear and frankly ALL our underwear and other items you might want to wear under your party gear. Some of our underwear styles are enhancing ensuring your bulge or your bum will be accentuated. With the warm weather more flesh will be on show, something we are not complaining about. A great way to give yourself an edge is to wear a sexy gay harness. It is a very popular look and for good reason. It looks fun and sexy. The days that all that was on offer were leather harnesses is over. They come in various styles, fabrics and colours. This makes them more fashionable and desirable for customers that like to wear a lighter material harness whilst out dancing. Get yourself out there and show off your stuff. Whatever body shape you are, own it. Every size has their admirers and there is nothing sexier than a confident person owning their shape.

Are you ready? 

How do you get ready for a party or a pride? When I was younger, I would throw something on and off I would go without care in world. These days it takes way more planning and I also get a little more anxious before going out. I am not sure if this is because I am getting a little older or that the bar has been raised. The level of fabulousness is so high with more and more people making a real effort. Whether it is dragging yourself up to the max, rocking your thicc-ness or expressing yourself in different way that is you! All this beauty from all areas of the rainbow coming together in one place is rather special. I wish it would be like this all year around. Fortunately, there are still many events scheduled to get your Pride on beyond this month. The biggest Pride ahead are London, Brighton, Manchester, and Birmingham Pride.  But let’s not forget the more local Prides such as Suffolk, Wigan, Worthing, Stroud, Preston, Hull and many more. A personal favourite is Leeds pride. Even though Bent is now based in London our adventure started in Leeds well over 30 years ago. Half the people that work here are younger than that and it is great to see how thing have changed throughout the years.

The Bent Pride Deals

At Bent we have reduced all our products for the month with discounts going up to 50% or more. This way you can spend the savings you make on an extra glass of something. It does not matter if you buy the amazing handsfree masturbator Hot Octopuss Jett or the latest style of underwear and fetish gear it is all discounted. So, come in and have a look to find something that gives you pleasure. Especially for you as readers of QX Magazine we have set up a code so you can get an extra 10% discount when using code QX10 at the check-out. 

All we need now is for the weather to hold up, the train strikes to stop, the cost of living to go down and never to be stuck down again by some bloody virus. I do hope this is not too much to ask! 

Enjoy have fun and look out for each other.

Big love from team Bent! 



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