Coming out in the pro-wrestling world by Jensen Ryan.

When I first decided to venture into the world of professional wrestling, I felt that the one thing I needed to hold back on telling people was my sexuality. But as I was about to discover, I was wrong.

A little over a year ago, I came out as a professional wrestler. I was extremely nervous about doing it and feared that people might act differently around me or judge me based on my sexuality and not my ability as an in-ring performer.

I had heard about how some footballers were worried about the reaction if they came out, and this fuelled me with more worry. However, I took the risk and did it. I remember going to the first training session after coming out and feeling my nerves build up.

Would people act differently? Would I be judged on it, but it was a positive experience. The other wrestlers congratulated me on doing it, and many said they wouldn’t ever judge someone based on who they are. This was a huge relief.

Quality Wrestling, where I train and wrestle, have been hugely supportive, and they promote an inclusive atmosphere where anyone can get involved.

In the weeks following my decision, I was flooded with messages of praise from people inside the industry and beyond and from all around the world sending praise and messages of support.

Those messages of support showed that the LGBTQ+ community absolutely have a place in wrestling. In fact, many LGBTQ+ wrestlers are out there representing us. I knew that if my story inspired just one person, it was worth telling. For me, that’s what it was about and not about pushing my career. I wanted people to see me for my wrestling skills.

I felt that this was just the start of my journey and knew that I wanted to do more to raise awareness of equality, not just in wrestling, but in any sport.

One way of doing this would be to do a charity wrestling event to raise awareness of equality in sport, and in May 2023, Pride and Honour will be taking place.

It will be a family show which will also raise money for Peoples Pride Southampton, who provide events and services to the LGBTQ+ community and beyond. I will be wrestling at the event and am hugely excited about the opportunity to represent at such a special show.

Pride and Honour Charity Wrestling Event is on 13th May 2023 at 6 pm. The Empire Hall, Southampton SO40 3PY, United Kingdom. 

Tickets and more details are available here.

Raising money for Peoples Pride Southampton



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