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Autumn has arrived and the weather is getting a bit cooler. With more time spent indoors, we want to make sure you have plenty to do inside. As an Adult store we will of course put the focus on the latest pleasure tools and for those who enjoy them, the best poppers.

For those that like it intense!

The adult industry is evolving rapidly. The main areas we see change in are better quality materials, app-based products and functionality. Many items have various settings and intensities ensuring you will be very satisfied. One of the new products in our male sex toys range is being made by Virgite. It is a rotating dildo range that has so many settings I am confident many can’t handle this product at full speed and rotation. It is amazingly intense and will provide you with hours of great fun! 

If you are more of a manhood pleasure man, then we would recommend having a look at our Oxballs range but if there is one product that will blow your mind we would say check out the Autoblow. A fully automated masturbator that will drive you crazy. Super strong suction plus all manner of movements within the sleeve that will make you shout the house down. Other products that are worth a look are some of our new vibrating cockrings, prostate massagers and vibes. All with extra stimulating features that will not disappoint. 

pleasure yourself

Never forget your essentials.

With all this play we suggest you keep your drawer stocked up with all the essentials that will add to your experience. Whether it is a bottle of Rush Poppers or your favourite brand of lube, it all adds to the fun. One essential that is often overlooked is delay Spray or cream. Feedback from our customers suggests that many feel that their play is too often cut short. Even if you do not “suffer” from early ejaculation, would it not be best if you can last as long as possible? 

For your underwear drawer!

Now that Autumn is well and truly here that does not mean we no longer want to make a good first impression. I for one have been turned off once or twice when removing someone’s jeans and was confronted with a hideous old pair of pants, no thank you! I mean, I know there is a whole fetish surrounding worn and torn underwear but that can always be discussed after the first time.

pleasure yourself with underwear

Luckily this will never have to happen to you as we have stocked up on some great new styles from Addicted, Pump, Bill and Brandon plus the super sexy Breedwell range. So, if you would like a gay jockstrap, some sexy briefs, harnesses, or singlets feel free to browse our extensive collection. 

For the Kink Lovers!

Don’t think we have forgotten the Kinky dudes this Autumn. In fact, this is one of the areas where we have grown a lot. We have many customers from all over the world after products that feed those particular needs. We seem to sell fisting gloves and many more fetish products wide and far.  A popular range is our Berlin BDSM gear and nipple play is a much bigger deal than I thought it was. A leading brand in this field is Mister B of which we have a great selection of gear to ensure you can get your kink on this summer. 

The time is now.

There is no better time than right now to come and have a look at all we have to offer. For a whole month, we run amazing deals on various product areas. Most products are reduced in price, and some are up to 40% off. So, if you were wondering what to do this Autum, I hope the above has inspired you to invest in yourself and treat your body, mind and soul to some good old adult pleasure.

If you have any questions about our products feel free to contact us. You can call us or send us an email. We have a great team that is more than happy to help in the search for your ultimate tool or hot bit of gear. 

With love



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