Over It! Revolution! Festival at Omnibus Theatre, 23 March.

Over It! Revolution! Festival at Omnibus Theatre.

Gendered ageism is an ongoing issue across all art forms and in society. Recently, artists and activists have begun to push back, raising the issue with the press, programmers, gatekeepers and the general public. While ageism itself can affect anybody, an academic report from the global non-profit Catalyst states, “Ageism hits women earlier and harder”. And one of those areas where it hits is the London stage.

We’re over it, too. Let the revolution begin!

Shattering stereotypes of 35+ women and enbys on stage. We’re over it, too. Let the revolution begin!

Fed up with the way women and non-binary theatremakers over 35 years old are treated, regarded and presented in London and the rest of the United Kingdom, the artistic directors of three theatre companies have come together to co-produce the launch of a hot new festival – Over It! Festival. Because women and enbys are over it. Completely.

Presented by Blue Masque Theatre, Fireraisers and Slack Line Productions, the launch event will be at Omnibus Theatre on Saturday, March 23. The intention is that this will be the beginning, the blueprint, for a full festival in 2025.

“Over It! Revolution” is six rapid response plays by women and non-binary writers over 35, performed by an exciting ensemble of actors with scripts in hand.

Help build the blueprint for the Over It! Festival 2025.

There will be the opportunity for a question and answer session afterwards, and the audience will be encouraged to voice what they want to see at the 2025 Over It! Festival. So bring your ideas, your anger, your support and help launch a movement.

The co-producers run female-led or non-binary-led organisations that have won or been nominated for awards, and they are all over 35 themselves. They are Pol Wiseman-Goldstein of Fireraisers, Rhonwen McCormack of Blue Masque Theatre, and Kristin Duffy of Slackline Productions.

Tickets are available for £6 from Omnibus Theatre: https://www.omnibus-clapham.org/over-it-revolution/

Over It! Revolution! Festival on 23 March, 7:45 pm, at Omnibus Theatre, Clapham Common Northside, London SW4 0QW, United Kingdom.




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