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The best LGBTQIA+ gay theatre shows and gay plays in London can be found at the following venues and if you’d like to purchase theatre tickets then please click on the link to the Theatre where you’ll find theatre tickets. 

Best Gay LGBTQ+ Queer Theatre in London for July 2024 onwards

96 Festival at Clapham Omnibus Theatre is a celebration of queer theatre and LGBTQ+ plays.

96 Festival at Omnibus Theatre, 4 June – 13 July 2024

Get ready for the 9th annual 96 Festival, a fantastic celebration of queerness and theater all under one roof! The festival will take place at the Omnibus Theatre and will feature a dazzling lineup of artists showcasing theater, comedy, cabaret, music, art, and activism. This year’s festival pays tribute to the iconic Pride party that took place on Clapham Common in 1996. Click to check out the exciting program for this year’s festival.


Omnibus Theatre, 1 Clapham Common Northside, London SW4 0QW, United Kingdom.

George is a lesbian play being staged at the Omnibus Theatre

George at Omnibus Theatre, 25 June – 14 July 2024

Inspired by the true story of queer French author George Sand and the correspondence shared with her lover Marie Dorval, the world premiere of George is a significant exploration of a moment in the life and work of the 19th-century free spirit. She not only subverted the social and literary norms of her time but also challenged gender and sexual expectations, and fought for women’s rights, themes that are as relevant today as they were then.


Omnibus Theatre, 1 Clapham Common Northside, London, SW4 0QW

Dorian: The Musical is gay theatre based on the novel written by the gay writer Oscar Wilde.

Dorian: The Musical at Southwark Playhouse Borough, 4 July to 10 August 2024

A lonely boy wants attention and suddenly, overnight, he becomes a musical sensation. Dorian realises that his life feels empty, even with all he ever wanted. Skilfully exploring the dark side of eternal youth. With a modern twist and remaining true to the bohemian thrill of the original, this modern queer fairy-tale follows Dorian Gray, a 21st-century wannabe rockstar with grandiose dreams who strikes a dangerous bargain! Inspired by the classic Oscar Wilde novel, it explores the heartache as Dorian faces the prospect of eternal glory, opening a Pandora’s box of love, lust, and corruption. This is a Gothic story with a glam-rock twist. The young musician is pulled in every direction by his fans, record producers, and photographers which warps his impressionable mind. This interpretation is darker, more explicit, and overtly queer and comes with 4 Star reviews: “The show is enthralling.” – ★★★★ Everything Theatre.


Southwark Playhouse Borough (The Large), 77-85 Newington Causeway, London SE1 6BD, United Kingdom.

Queenz is a LGBTQ+ starred show at Underbelly. Theatre

QUEENZ: Live in London! at Underbelly Boulevard, 11 July to 18 August 2024

QX’s Martha d’Arthur interviews the cast of QUEENZ: Live in London!

QUEENZ: Live in London! is this summer’s campest night out – an electrifying, live vocal drag-stravaganza! This dazzling show delivers an unforgettable night as the Queenz who dance like Britney and sing like Whitney take on only the biggest hits from the world’s most iconic divas, with incredible live vocals. Grab your friends and get ready for an intimate night of boujee cocktails and some of the campest party anthems, plus more sequins, surprises, and singalongs than ever before. Featuring a poptastic playlist with diva hits from Gaga, The Spice Girls, Beyoncé, Britney, Whitney, and everything in between. Plus, their iconic tribute to West End royalty, as the gals drag…you to the musicals!


Underbelly Boulevard, 6 Walker’s Court, Soho, London W1F 0BT, United Kingdom.

Shower Play is a gay play ay 41 Frith Street in Soho, London

Shower Chair at 41 Frith Street, 12 July 2024

Shower Chair is a 60-minute comedic play about mistakes, growing up, and learning how to save your life from going down the drain. Join Ben Fallaci as he gets clean, both physically and metaphorically, by washing away his mess and getting vulnerable. Ben takes his audience on a journey from rock bottom to recovery and self-care. Shower Chair is a personal and hilarious play about the importance of living authentically.


41 Frith Street (Under Cuts Barber Shop), 41 Frith Street, Soho, London W1D 5LW, United Kingdom

Long Distance is a play about two gay men at Camden People's Theatre in London

Long Distance at Camden Peoples’ Theatre, 24 July 2024

Two young men meet and fall in love. They experience moments of intimacy, conflicts, reconciliations, and ultimately separation—all through text messages. These exchanges possess a poetic quality and document their unforgettable relationship. Long Distance is a poignant and humorous new play that delves into the challenges of technology, love, and maintaining a relationship across distance.


Camden People’s Theatre, 58-60 Hampstead Road, London NW1 2PY, United Kingdom.

Camden Fringe Theatre features many LGBTQ+ plays in Camden's theatres.

Camden Fringe: The Strange Case Of Dr Dillion at Camden Peoples’ Theatre, 29 – 31 July 2024

A fascinating real-life gender transition story from the first half of the twentieth century. From 1915 to 1940, Michael Dillon struggled against a world that insisted he was a girl. The only way he could live a whole life was to invent gender-affirming care for trans men. His body aligned, he began to work on his soul. Heartbreak, world travel, and life as a Buddhist monk followed. Part of Camden Fringe Theatre Festival. See more queer theatre throughout August at Camden Fringe here.


Camden People’s Theatre, 58-60 Hampstead Road, London NW1 2PY, United Kingdom

Frank Goes To Bollywood includes a queer character in this theatrical production.

Frankie Goes To Bollywood at Southbank Centre, 31 July – 18 August 2024

Rifco Theatre Company, founded by Pravesh Kumar, aims to address the need for more authentic representation on our stages. Frankie Goes To Bollywood is a glitzy and glamorous musical inspired by real stories of British women caught in the spotlight of the biggest film industry in the world. LGBTQ+ characters in Bollywood are often portrayed as sexual predators or hidden miseries. While recent productions have explored LGBTQ relationships, they have been made by straight men and may not fully capture our genuine experience. Pravesh told QX in his interview, “To address this, I introduced an LGBTQ+ character in Frankie Goes to Bollywood. Shona Chatterji, played by the immensely talented non-binary actor Gigi Zahir (Alias Crayola Queen), brings real gusto and celebrates us without apology.”


Southbank Centre, Queen Elizebeth Hall, Belvedere Road, London SE1 8XX, United Kingdom.

Queer Cowboys is a transgender focused play at King's Head Theatre, London, in August.

Queer Cowboys at King’s Head Theatre, 1 – 4 August 2024

Queer Cowboys is a semi-autobiographical play about Freddie, a resident of Oklahoma who is exploring their transgender identity. The play follows Freddie as they seek to combat loneliness by embarking on a mission to discover their “transistors”. Along the way, they unearth two forgotten stories of the Old West: those of Harry Allen and Little Joe Monahan, two transgender cowboys. The play features beloved country songs performed by a live band and brings the true stories of these two transgender cowboys back to life.


King’s Head Theatre, Islington Square, 116 Upper St, The Angel, London N1 1AB, United Kingdom.

Schrödinger's Lesbians at The Lion & Unicorn Theatre is a queer play structured around the writings of Sappho

Camden Fringe: Schrödinger’s Lesbians at The Lion & Unicorn Theatre, 5 – 7 August 2024

Structured around Sappho’s fragmented writings, ‘Schrödinger’s Lesbians’ is a joyful and irreverent new play about love, lesbians, and coping with a history that has excluded you. It delves deeply into the highs and lows of queer female friendships while asking the eternal question: ‘Can you be just friends with someone you’re into? Part of Camden Fringe Theatre Festival. See more queer theatre throughout August at Camden Fringe here.


The Lion & Unicorn Theatre (Above the Lion & Unicorn Pub), 42-44 Gaisford Street,Kentish Town
London NW5 2ED, United Kingdom.

The Pink List is a play about gay men in Germany at The King's Head Theatre

Camden Fringe: The Pink List at the King’s Head Theatre, 5, 11 and 13 August 2024

It´s 1957 in West Germany and the battle against the Nazis had ended 12 years ago, but the war against injustice continues. Karl, a gay concentration camp survivor, was standing trial for the “crime” of loving another man. Even though most laws had been de-Nazified, the Nazi-era law persecuting homosexuals remained in force, making men like Karl perpetual offenders instead of recognized victims. “The Pink List” is a one-person musical inspired by the untold stories of gay men in postwar Germany, taking its name from the lists created by the Nazis to track and target them. These lists were still being used by the German police in the post-war years. See more queer theatre throughout August at Camden Fringe here.


King’s Head Theatre, Islington Square, 116 Upper St, The Angel, London N1 1AB, United Kingdom.

The Little Death is a queer play at King's Head Theatre in London dealing with bisexual and women's themes.

The Little Death at King’s Head Theatre, 26 – 31 August 2024

Nominated for the prestigious MullenLowe NOVA Award at Central Saint Martins, The Little Death is a dazzling blend of cabaret, comedy, and thought-provoking storytelling with a dynamic queer twist. Step into the fabulously chaotic world of Mina, a spirited young Turkish woman on a wild quest to find the one thing missing in her life: an orgasm. Join Mina on her uproarious journey filled with hysterical misadventures, deep introspection, and jaw-dropping revelations about life, love and identity. This show is rooted in the actual, outrageous tales of co-writer/co-performer Mina’s sex life. In Mina’s words: “This show only covers about 10% of my sex life…” With a vibrant soundtrack, surreal multi-media CGI projections, a live drag queen, and constant fourth-wall-breaking, The Little Death is an electrifying celebration of resilience, shamelessness, and the universal quest for fulfilment.


King’s Head Theatre, Islington Square, 116 Upper St, The Angel, London N1 1AB, United Kingdom.

One of many gay plays in London theatres that we have listed here.

Frank’s Closet at Wilton’s Music Hall, 3 – 14 September 2024

The cult hit musical is back at Wilton’s Music Hall. It’s a glittering, eccentric, high-camp tribute to musical theatre. This show is considered a classic of 21st-century British musical theatre. Picture seven Divas, a closet full of frocks, a riotous blush of Gaiety Girls, and the slightly bemused, but always dashing, Frank, who is on the verge of matrimony. Add a collection of glorious and original songs that draw inspiration from the great British, Broadway (and Swedish) songbooks, and you have Frank’s Closet. It’s an all-singing, all-dancing celebration of love, London, and musical theatre. Use promo code DIVA20 at check-out to get 20% OFF stalls and balcony seats (aka the best seats in the house). Limited availability per show – book fast to guarantee your discount.


Wilton’s Music Hall, Graces Alley, London E1 8JB, United Kingdom

Gay Pride and No Prejudice is a gay play at Union Theatre, starting in October in London

Gay Pride and No Prejudice at Union Theatre, 8 October – 2 November 2024

Darcy has loved Bingley since they were boys, but if he admits his love, will Bingley and the judgemental lens of adulthood cast him out of Society? Bingley attempts to fall for the demure and lovely Jane Bennet. Darcy, already suffering, falls foul of Jane’s sister, the not-at-all demure Elizabeth (Lizzie). Lizzie is outspoken in her wish for gender equality. Peppered with comedy, Gay Pride and No Prejudice is the story of two men and one woman’s struggle for acceptance in an era when the few had the right to judge the many.


Union Theatre, Old Union Arches, 229 Union Street, London SE1 0LR, United Kingdom.

The best gay theatre in London: Above The Stag Theatre.

Premier LGBTQIA+ Gay Theatre In London:

VENUE CLOSED AboveTheStag Theatre London

An independent Charity and Theatre Company serving the LGBTQIA+ community and its supporters. It is the only designated queer theatre in London and is located in Vauxhall. It´s very convenient for after theatre drinks at one of the many gay venues in the area, so you have an excellent opportunity to make a night of it. The theatre is London’s delightful LGBT thespian oasis. A gorgeous corner of performance and campery, and they’re the only theatre in the UK that’s exclusively LGBT-focused! They also have a very nice bar so you can enjoy pre-theatre and interval drinks, plus bar snacks. 

Above The Stag Theatre
Best LGBTQI+ Gay Theatre London : Above The Stag Theatre

To purchase LGBT+ theatre tickets visit the QXTickets portal with links to theatre websites that are currently staging LGBT+ gay theatre London.

gay theatre in London
Best Gay Theatre In London : Above The Stag

The Soho Theatre London

Soho Theatre is one of the country’s busiest venues with a year-round festival programme of theatre, comedy and cabaret featuring several gay plays. There are six shows a night across three stages, with a very popular bar. The Theatre is based in the heart of gay soho and a very gay friendly theatre in the heart of Soho that includes a lot of queer theatre content in its programming. Tickets at The Soho Theatre


The Pleasance Theatre London

Gay Theatre Shows London for the best gay theatre London

Located in Islington, The Pleasance Theatre has three production spaces. Mainhouse: Capacity 230. Downstairs: Capacity 75. Stagespace:  Capacity 54. This Off-West End theatre welcomes artists at all stages of their careers with a commitment to new work that pushes boundaries. They stage several LGBTQ and gay theatre shows every year. Tickets at The Pleasance Theatre

Park Theatre London

Located very close to Finsbury Park station, Park Theatre describes themselves as a neighbourhood theatre with a global ambition. They focus on staging a mix of both new writing and modern revivals. This stunning playhouse aims to stage content that resonates and reflects the world around them and the neighbourhoods close by. This London Theatre therefore includes a lot of LGBTQ+, queer and gay theatre in their programming. Located very close to Finsbury Park station, Park Theatre describes themselves as a neighbourhood theatre with a global ambition. They focus on staging a mix of both new writing and modern revivals. This stunning playhouse aims to stage content that resonates and reflects the world around them and the neighbourhoods close by. Tickets at the Park Theatre

Gay theatre in London at The King's Head Theatre in Islington.

Kings Head Theatre

Located in Upper Street, Islington and established in 1970, The King´s Head was the first pub theatre to be founded since Shakepeare’s day and has staged numerous LGBTQ+ and gay plays in it. The pub is a cozy traditional Victorian pub and a great place to meet up. In the winter customers get to enjoy a roaring fire! The theatre is located at the back. This is the Theatre where Hugh Grant made his acting debut.  The Theatre is firmly committed to equality and diversity in everything it does. It regularly stages LGBTQI+ gay theatre shows and will run a whole season of gay theatre in London. Tickets at The Kings Head Theatre

Brixton House Theatre

As they embark on a new journey as Brixton House, the team told QX, “we are proud to continue expanding on Ovalhouse Theatre’s renowned legacy for creating safe-spaces for artists across the LGBTQI+ community and beyond, to authentically create and fearlessly share their voices with audiences keen to hear their stories.” Tickets at Brixton House.

The Other Palace Theatre

A theatre situated 3 minutes for Victoria tube. There is a 300-seat Main Theatre space and a smaller Studio space that accommodates up to 120 people. They offer a varied programme of drama, musical theatre, cabaret and jazz. There is also an excellent restaurant and bar. Tickets at The Other Palace.

gay shows gay plays
An Act of God. The Vaults CREDIT Geraint Lewis

The Vaults

London’s home for immersive theatre and alternative arts is set in a maze of disused railway arches under Waterloo Station and regularly puts on LGBTQ+ focused shows and gay plays in London. They are on a mission to inspire. Tickets at The Vaults

Southwark Playhouse

The Playhouse is 5 minutes from Borough Station in an area with excellent eateries. Described as quirky and classy at the same time (The Stage), the theatre has two distinctive theatre spaces. They seek to showcase the U.K.’s best up and coming talent in London, including queer theatre, offering such talent the opportunity to present their first fully realised productions.  Content focuses on reinterpreting classic plays and contemporary plays of note.   Tickets at the Southwark Playhouse

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The Donmar Warehouse

This is a 251-seat, not-for-profit theatre in Covent Garden, and they have won more than 100 awards in their 27-year history. They bring together a wide variety of people in an intimate warehouse space. For this theatre representation really matters. Tickets at The Donmar Warehouse.

Other Theatres that stage excellent LGBTQIA+ gay theatre shows in London:


The Apollo Theatre : Everybody´s talking about Jamie

Charing Cross Theatre

Leicester Square Theatre

And many other fantastic gay theatres across London… 

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