Gay Bars In London March 2024 with opening hours and maps

Gay Bars In London March 2024 with opening hours and maps

Gay Bars in London 2024 Guide lists London gay bars plus LGBTQ+ gay clubs. Find out what’s on in London’s LGBT bars and queer clubs on one handy page. We list opening times, what’s on and valuable links to more information where you can buy tickets for gay drag shows and queer parties in advance so you don’t have to queue. 

Rainbow Pilsner

London LGBT+ bars and Allies that support Stonewall Housing by stocking Polari Pale Ale and Rainbow Pilsner: First, we’d like you to spend a moment getting to know the London LGBTQ and allied venues that support Stonewall Housing by stocking Polari Pale Ale and Rainbow Pilsner. Both of these beers, brewed by Portobello Brewery in West London, carry a 10p donation to the charity for every pint sold. They have raised well over £20,000 for their efforts to support LGBTQI+ people dealing with housing insecurity to date. Besides gay or LGBTQ bars, the Polari & Rainbow Pilsner Stockists map also shows those bars demonstrating their allyship by supporting this project, which we applaud. To find out more about this initiative, please read the QX feature

Bars serving rainbow pilsner

Gay Bars and Clubs in Central London.

Soho London

1. Comptons of Soho

Gay bars in London

Comptons of Soho is slap bang in the middle of Old Compton Street and at the epicentre of the West End gay scene. It has a cruisy downstairs, plus a loungeier, grandiosely furnished upstairs. 

Wed 12pm – 11:30pm, Thur 12pm – 11:30pm, Fri 12pm – 12am, Sat 12pm – 12am, Sun 12pm – 10:30pm, Mon 12pm – 11:30pm, Tue 12pm – 11:30pm.

queer bar in London Soho

2. Duke of Wellington

Gay pubs in London

This London gay bar is over three floors and frequented by buff blokes—attitude-free and great for people-watching if you can get a seat by the window. There is standing room in the street for summer days. Stockists of Polari Beer and Rainbow Pilsner supporting Stonewall Housing #40Kfor40 campaign. 

Wed 12pm – 12:00am, Thur 12pm – 12am, Fri 12pm – 12am, Sat 12pm – 12am, Sun 12pm – 11:30pm, Mon 12pm – 12am, Tue 12pm – 12am.

Rupert Street gay bar in Soho, central London.

3. Rupert Street Bar

Gay bars in London

A fashionable bar with a diverse mix of people in the heart of Soho. A bright space with views onto the street for people watching. A nice snug in the back. Stockists of Polari Beer and Rainbow Pilsner supporting Stonewall Housing #40Kfor40 campaign. 

Wed 3pm – 11:30pm, Thur 3pm – 11:30pm, Fri 3pm – 12am, Sat 12pm – 12am, Sun 12pm – 10:30pm, Monday 3pm – 11pm, Tue 3pm – 11pm.

Best LGBTQ+ Gay Parties in London Clubs March 2024 with ticket and social media links

Village LGBTQ+ late-night bar in Soho, central London.4. Village Soho

Late-night gay bars in London

It sits neatly at the head of Queer Street. With a long bar downstairs playing pop, chart and commercial dance. At weekends, sexy go-go boys dance half-naked on the bar. There’s a basement club plus a cafe bar with seating, booths and relaxed vibes.  Upstairs new cocktail lounge with chandeliers, luxurious booths and views over Queer Street. Stockists of Polari Beer and Rainbow Pilsner supporting Stonewall Housing #40Kfor40 campaign. 

Wed 4pm – 2am, Thu 4pm – 2am, Fri 4pm – 3am, Sat 4pm – 3am, Sun 4pm – 11:30pm, Mon 4pm – 1am, Tue 4pm – 1am.


The King's Arms in Soho, London, is a gay bar for bears.5. King’s Arms Soho

Gay bars in London

The place to go if you’re looking for bears. They’ve got cosy surroundings and real ales in this traditional Soho pub. It´s perfect for snuggling up to a hairy hunk and having a good chinwag before heading home to hibernate. Stockists of Polari Beer and Rainbow Pilsner supporting Stonewall Housing #40Kfor40 campaign.

Wed 4pm – 11:30pm, Thurs: 4:00pm – 11:30pm, Fri: 4pm – 12am, Sat 12pm – 12am, Sun 1pm – 10:30pm, Mon 4pm – 11:30pm, Tues 4pm – 11:30pm.

Freedom Bar and Club is a fashionable gay bar in Soho that is open late.

6. Freedom Bar Soho

Late-night bars in London

Mix with Soho’s polysexual crowd. Enjoy cocktails with your friends in booths on the ground floor and a variety of cabaret nights and parties in the basement club. Nights include: Kinky Cabaret, Soul, High On Heals, Chic and their popular Saturday night party Freedom House Party.

Wed 4pm – 3am, Thu 4pm – 3am, Fri 2pm – 3am, Sat 2pm – 3am, Sun 4pm – 10:30am, Mon 4pm – 3am, Tue 4pm – 3am.

Admiral Duncan Soho Gay Bars Roundup7. Admiral Duncan

Gay drag bars in London 

One of the best-known and longest-running gay pubs, slap bang in the middle of Queer Street. A friendly, eclectic clientele for uncomplicated drinkin’ and entertainment most nights of the week, offering camp cabaret, drag, and cheesy pop classics for you to sup your shandy and shake a tailfeather to. It´s a great place to venture in independently and make friends. Stockists of Polari Beer and Rainbow Pilsner supporting Stonewall Housing #40Kfor40 campaign.

Wed 1pm – 11:30pm, Thur 1pm – 11:30pm, Fri 12pm – 12am, Sat 12pm – 12am, Sun 12pm – 10:30pm, Mon 1pm – 11:30pm, Tue 1pm – 11:30pm.

Halfway To Heaven is a famous gay cabaret bar in London.8. Halfway To Heaven

Gay drag bars in London

Halfway To Heaven is a vibrant gay pub, ready to thrust into your heart and spurt drag madness all over it. The venue is over two floors, and both provide the punters with a healthy dose of insanity every day of the week. This venue stocks Polari Beer and Rainbow Pilsner in support of the Stonewall Housing #40Kfor40 campaign.

Wed 12pm – 11pm, Thur 12pm – 11pm, Fri 12pm – 1am, Sat 12pm – 1am, Sun 12pm – 8pm, Mon 12pm – 11pm, Tue 12pm – 11pm.


Secret Gay Bars such as Retro bar in London.

9. Retro Bar

LGBTQ+ bars in London

Nestled just off the Strand, Retro Bar is an odd, quirky delight of a venue, with an eclectic clientele and even more eclectic decor. They have a popular quiz night. Stockists of Polari Beer and Rainbow Pilsner supporting Stonewall Housing #40Kfor40 campaign. 

Wed 4pm – 11pm, Thur 4pm – 11pm, Fri 2pm – 11pm, Sat 2pm – 11pm, Sun 2pm – 10:30 pm, Mon 4pm – 11pm, Tue 4pm – 11pm.

Young gay men go to G-A-Y bar in London. 10. G-A-Y Bar

LGBTQ+ bars in London

Soho’s Palace of Pop boasts three floors of purple-walled pop tuneage from loads of plasma screens. There are scores of pretty young party things and endless cheap drinks promotions. As a result, you’re assured a fab night out. 

Wed 12pm – 12am, Thu 12pm – 12am, Fri 12pm – 12am, Sat 12pm – 12am, Sun 12pm – 12am, Mon 12pm – 12am, Tue 12pm – 12am.

What's on at Vault 139, a gay cruise bar in London. 11. Vault 139

Late-night gay cruise bars in London

Situated a little to the north of Soho and tucked away just around the corner of Warren Street station. It’s a salacious slice of naughtiness. This discreet basement club is one of London’s worst-kept secrets. Vault 139 serves up that hot action that locals and tourists can’t resist. There’s no knowing who you’ll find cruising these grounds because of its countless mysterious dark corners. It´s a subterranean clandestine hub for the horny. Vault welcome a wide range of attractive men through their doors, including hunks to chunks and bears to boys. Whatever your type, you will surely find him roaming these dark corridors. Try surveying one of the venue’s backrooms. 

Wed 1pm – 1am, Thu 1pm – 1am, Fri 1pm – 1am, Sat 1pm – 1am, Sun 1pm – 1am, Mon 1pm – 1am, Tue 1pm – 1am.


Gay events in London
Ku Bar, 30 Lisle St, West End WC2H 7BA. Photo by LUXXXER.

12. Ku Bar

Late-night LGBTQ+ gay bars in London

One of the swankier gay bars in London. The owner can’t resist hitting that interior design button. It’s also one of the largest, with a swish upstairs lounge bar offering cabaret and cocktails and one of the nicer outside terraces (no traffic).

Wed 1pm – 3am, Thu 1pm – 3am, Fri 1pm – 3am, Sat 1pm – 3am, Sun 1pm – 12am, Mon 1pm – 3am, Tue 1pm – 3am.

Ku Klub is one of the best gay clubs in Soho.

13. Ku Klub

Late-night LGBTQ+ clubs in London

Klub has recently been refurbished so well that it can claim to be the classiest queer club in town. Situated in the basement of Ku Bar, Klub attracts a fun-loving and well-turned-out crowd. It’s an intimate and popular venue, with entertainment during the week and dancing on Friday and Saturday, and open from 11 to 3 every night of the week. 

Wed 11pm – 3am, Thu 11pm – 3am, Fri 11pm – 3am, Sat 11pm – 3am, Sun 11pm – 3am, Mon 11pm – 3am, Tue 11pm – 3am.


Gay Bars and Clubs in South London.

The Legs Eleven Gang 2 – Bianca Del Rio terrorises The Tavern14. The Royal Vauxhall Tavern 

Late-night LGBTQ+ cabaret bars

The RVT is an iconic venue that the LGBTQ+ community has worked hard to save from development. There are ticketed cabaret shows on many nights of the week; at weekends, they also have club nights. Vauxhall tube.

Wed 7pm – 12am, Thu 7pm – 12am, Fri 6pm – 9pm/10pm – 4am, Sat 10pm – 4am, Sun 4p – 11pm, Mon 7pm – 12am, Tue 7pm – 12am.


15. The Eagle London

Late-night gay bars in London

The Eagle is now one of Vauxhall’s leading gay club/bar spaces, hosting various club nights. Be on the lookout for the FREE entry options, especially for members. Vauxhall tube.

Thu 9pm – 2am, Fri 9pm – 4am, Sat 9pm – 4am, Sun 8pm – 3am.


Two Brewers Gay Pub Clapham South London
Two Brewers Cabaret : Marsha Mallow

16. Two Brewers

Late-night gay cabaret bars in London

Winner of the Great British Pubs Award for best LGBTQ+ Pub, this is a great stop-off when you’re on a manhunt. It’s a very popular blokes’ bar. It’s a big bar with club space. Always loads on such as cabaret and party nights. Clapham tube.

Wed 5pm – 2am, Thu 5pm – 2am, Fri 5pm – 4am, Sat 5pm – 4am, Sun 4pm – 2am, Mon 5pm – 2am, Tue 5pm – 2am.


LGBT gay bar near me in London

17. John The Unicorn

LGBTQ+ friendly bars in London 

A former decorator’s shop on the high street and just a stone’s throw from the railway station is a bar specialising in craft beer, cocktails, street food and good times with cabaret! Stockists of Polari Beer and Rainbow Pilsner supporting Stonewall Housing #40Kfor40 campaign.

Wed 5pm – 12am, Thur 5pm – 12am, Fri 5pm – 1am, Sat 2pm – 1am, Sun 2pm – 11pm, Mon 5pm – 12am, Tue 5pm – 12am.

The George and Dragon is a gay bar for older gay men.18. George And Dragon

Late-night gay cabaret bars in London

Community-favoured drinking hole nestled near historic Greenwich, perfect for a post-work pint and noted for its fabulous weekend cabaret nights hosted by The Duch. A traditional British gay pub that serves traditional gay drag. Elverson Road tube.

Thu 6pm – 2am, Fri 6pm – 4am, Sat 6pm – 4am, Sun 4pm – 2am.

19. The Lord Clyde

Gay cruise bars in London

South London’s gay cruising bar is situated in Deptford. Various special interest nights such as feet, smoking, leather and rubber, and socials for XXL/bears. The venue has a custom-built play area. 

Wed 6pm – 12:30am, Thur 6pm – 12:30am, Fri 6pm – 1:30am, Sat 6pm – 1:30am, Sun 6pm – 12:30am.

Gay Bars and Clubs in North London.

gay bar and club Zodiac bar in North London. 20. Zodiac Bar

Late-night LGBTQ+ cabaret bars in London

Zodiac Bar has launched numerous nights catering to all community sections. Already North London’s most popular LGBTQ+ venue with a great atmosphere and an up-for-it crowd. There’s fun to be had across two floors. They stage cabaret shows and karaoke nights upstairs in the bar, often with free entry. Downstairs is the Z Club with a separate entrance. Check out Z Club’s free access on a Friday and Saturday night for an inflation-busting night out. Stockists of Rainbow Pilsner supporting Stonewall Housing #40Kfor40 campaign. 

Wednesday 5pm – 12am, Thursday 5pm – 2am, Friday 5pm – 2am, Saturday 5pm – 2am, Sunday 3pm – 11pm, Monday CLOSED, Tuesday 5pm – 12am. Z Club opening hours: Wednesday 5pm – 1am, Thursday 5pm – 2am, Friday 5pm – 2am, Saturday 5pm – 2am, Sunday CLOSED, Monday CLOSED, Tuesday CLOSED. 


Queer Comedy Club on a Saturday in London.

21. Queer Comedy Club

LGBTQ+ comedy club

The UK’s first LGBTQ+ comedy club, located just five minutes walk from Archway and Tufnell Park tube stations.  Most days of the week they have a different mix of comedians from big name TV stars alongside circuit legends and rising talent.

Open for comedy shows. 


Gay Bars and Clubs in East London.

Dalston Superstore
Dalston Superstore

22. Dalston Superstore

Late-night queer bars in London

This queer bar is your big queer paradise. A wonderfully diverse and eclectic LGBTQ+ venue. It has a cafe, gallery and a performance space. Shoreditch chic collides with trashy glam in one of the hottest venues. The polysexual, fashionable/arty crowd are a party-loving yet laid-back bunch, and the venue hosts many eclectic nights over two floors. With diverse décor, a long bar, seating upstairs, and a club space downstairs that hosts a raft of big-name DJs and cutting-edge sounds. There’s more variety here than a box of Quality Street!

Wed 4pm – 2am, Thu 12pm – 2am, Fri 12pm – 3am, Sat 12pm – 3am, Sun 12pm – 2am, Mon 4pm – 12am, Tue 4pm – 12am.

23. MA1 The Bunker

Gay cruise bars in London 

Hosting sex-positive nights, most nights are very specialist interest, so check before you go. 

Opening times are dependent on particular events.

24. Social Convention

Billed as Social Convention serves cocktails, beer, wine and grown-up 0% options – plus sourdough pizza from Love Pinsa. As the ‘Home Of Contemporary Queer Culture’ they also offer cabaret, live music, comedy, day parties, live sports and more.

Wed 4pm – 10pm, Thu 4pm – 11pm, Fri 4pm – 11pm, Sat 3pm – 11pm, Sun 3pm – 9pm. Mon CLOSED, Tue CLOSED.

Gay Bars and Clubs in West London. 

25. West 5

Late-night gay bars in London

West 5 is Ealing’s sequinned homo hotspot. Great drink deals, a friendly atmosphere, and camptastic tunes. It stages some great cabaret. South Ealing tube.

Thu 8pm – 3am, Fri 8pm – 3am, Sat 8pm – 3am, Sun 8pm – 12am.



All the listings for all the best gay bars and clubs in London. With maps, times, prices, venue and entertainment descriptions.


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No other city does Theatre like London! There are always plenty of LGBTQ-focused plays being staged in London. 

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