Launch of LGBTQ+ New Comedian of the Year Competition, 20 March.

Launch of LGBTQ+ New Comedian of the Year Competition, 20 March.

The LGBTQ+ New Comedian of the Year Competition features some of the most exciting emerging talent on the LGBTQ+ comedy scene. Help them find the LGBTQ+ New Comedian of the Year!

LGBTQ+ New Comedian Of The Year competition.

Guided by an amazing MC, and former winner, Charlie George and with Victoria Olsina headlining (winner 2022) the opening heat is an extra special night of guaranteed queer hilarity!

Charlie George MC

The Opening Night Features

Jen Zhang:  “a Queer Northern Irish grown Chinese storyteller comic who’s good at diving clit first into trouble!”

Rob Moriarty: “Dark, Dirty and Silly”

Lina Haman: “Swedish lesbian act with a dark sense of humour and low standards”

Mikee Martelle: “A legend in his living room and local clinic”

Victoria Olsina Winner 2022 and Headline Act

SJ Watt: “SJ is a queer deadpan Doctor Who obsessed wannabe activist”

Gareth Williams – “Overweight and underprepared Queer Millennial”

David Ingram: “High energy, punchy, and fast-paced”

SallyAnn Fellowes: “Weirdly funny Autistic Bisexual. Winner Leicester Square New Comedian of the Year 2023″

Sel the Comic: “My Pronouns are He He, Ha Ha, Hoe”

Joe Mayo – “Joe wears odd socks, and they act like it too”

Alex Lawrence: “Non-binary, queer, polyamorous comic who loves an overshare”

Kat Dellar: “Upcoming from Down Under”

Fab Goualin: “The levity architect – constructing joy one punchline at a time”

Tickets here

Wednesday 20 March at 7:30 pm at The Seven Dials Club, 42 Earlham Street, London,  WC2H 9LA, London.

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