Night of 1000 Beyonces at The Glory

21/10/16: Whoa. Just… Whoa. All we can say is people go NUTS for Beyoncé

The Glory was positively frantic on Friday for the utterly inspired Night of 1000 Beyoncés! This Glory blockbuster had a queue for days and a club packed with more Beyoncé looks than we could count.

Our personal favourite was a black and yellow, mega conceptual ‘queen bee’ look. MC Sizzle kept the performances flowing on the hour every hour, of which there was a particularly fierce rendition of Formation with great hairography and some strong dance moves.

Aaron Manhattan didn’t pull any punches when she stepped up to the plate for a Solange number with some inspired crowd participation. And it was R&Beyoncé all night from the most beautiful DJs around Chaka Can’t and Dance Armstrong!


This night was hectic! The Glory always serves us the best of crazy with an extra helping of glitter.

The Glory, 281 Kingsland Road, E2 8AS

Words by Cé Ó Coileáin

Photos by Luxxxer