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Gay Bar London: Ku Bar

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Ku Bar

Gay Bar London: Ku Bar

Live luxuriously at the ever-stylish and forward thinking Ku Bar!

An ideal after-work hangout with great offers throughout the week on all your favourite premium branded products.

Recently refurbished AGAIN because they can’t keep their fingers off that damn interior design pulse, Ku Bar sports a trendy and chic environment with walls of flat screen TVs playing all the latest music videos and Ku Bar's signature sexy images and arty videos.

Ku Bar is an an ideal location to take someone you want to impress, or if you just fancy a dance, head down to the Klub with DJs every night until 3am. Ku Bar is one of the largest gay bars in London AND they’ve been on the telly loads of times, so you know it’s fab. Oh and don’t get us STARTED on those infamously sexy Ku Bar boys. Unfortunately you cannot purchase one to suck on alongside your Aperol Spritz, but tip generously and who knows, you might get a cheeky wink and dance.

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Venue Information

Address: 30 Lisle Street, London W1D 5JL
Nearest Tube: Leicester Square

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Ku Bar

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Ku Bar

Ku Bar

Ku Bar

Ku Bar

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