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West London Queer Project is the brainchild of Aubrey Crawley. By promoting a variety of Queer focused events so that we can socialise and network, Aubrey has successfully gone about putting the Queer back into West London.

Aubrey explained the need for West London Queer Project, he told QX, “When I first came to live in West London there used to be gay bars (that’s what we called them back then) dotted all over place, from Earls Court right through to Kingston. We had at least 15 different places to choose from. But sadly, over the years these venues have mostly closed down leaving the local LGBTQ+ community nowhere to meet, socialise and feel safe. My aim is to fill that void with social and professional events, outdoor activities and all and anything that can bring the community together”.

WLQP hosts a number of events for queer people every month, including sports such as touch rugby and football (for all abilities), spin classes and other fitness focused events, book clubs, photography workshops, country and city walks, and their flagship social evening, Fruit Bowl. There are now plenty of queer spaces in London where we can meet and enjoy friendship while doing whatever interest us. 

What’s on this week