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With nine Top 20 hits and three No.1’s under her belt, Pixie Lott is about to get ‘Nasty’ with the release of her next single. Ahead of her G-A-Y gig this weekend, QX asks her about some of the nastiest, weirdest or strangest experiences she’s had…


…chat-up line?

I’ve had people ask for my hand in marriage. I always say yes!

…present you’ve received?

There was this one really weird letter I had where this guy sent me a fuzzy little chick with a hat that he’d made himself. He said he was going to send me a hat every month. But then he never sent me another one again! I wonder what happened to him?

…song to hear on the dancefloor?

I would say the Proclaimers song ‘500 Miles’ by Peter Kay really annoys me.

…time you’ve ever been drunk?

Well, they’ve never been bad experiences, really, they’ve always been good ones! But the first time I’ve ever been sick from alcohol was when I was younger and me and my friends went to a Chinese restaurant, that was very ‘lenient’ with serving alcohol – that’s why we went there because we could get served. We were mixing alcohol and drank everything. I remember my dad coming to pick us up and I was sick all over the car park. I felt horrendous the next day.

…thing you’ve ever read about you in the media?

One time there was an article in the paper that I was a real diva with my rider and I only wanted red M&Ms, and I always demanded to have a globe in my dressing room and psychology books. I don’t know where they got that from.


Going to McDonalds and sitting in the car park eating a McFlurry.

…job before she got famous?

I’ve been performing for years and got signed when I was 15, so I’ve never had a regular job. But in the beginning I’ve done two or three shows as Mika’s lollipop girl where I’d dress up in pink dresses and blonde wig and jump up and down on stage for £50.


There was one time when I was first starting out and it was really late at night, and I got on stage, the sound system was really bad and the music kept going back to the start. We had to keep starting over, and then it just cut out. So I was stuck on stage with no music and had to fill the time just telling some jokes and it was really awkward. It happens!


When I was younger I did a lot of random shows and musical theatre and I was pretty much put in every outfit. Once I had to dress up as a chicken! Don’t ask!


• Pixie Lott is at Heaven (Villiers Street, Charing Cross, WC2N 6NG) on Saturday 8th March, 10.30pm-5am.


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