Why Everyone Could Use a Life Coach

Perhaps you think that life coaching is something only for wealthy and successful people – business executives and movie stars – but the truth is life coaching can help anyone. Life coach Andy Langley tell us more…


What does a life coach actually do?

A life coach is there to help you make all areas of your life better – not just work and career, but also family, relationships, money, recreation, personal development, health and fitness… and more.
Can’t people sort these things out for themselves?


Of course it’s possible, but it’s much harder for us to sort out our own personal challenges in life when we’re stuck right in the middle of them. We often “can’t see the wood for the trees.”
Can’t our family and friends help?

Inevitably, the closer people are to us the more likely they are to have their own personal agenda and judgments about things we should do. Whereas a life coach is able to give you a completely unbiased and non-judgmental view, and help you get there, because he only wants for you what you want for you – not what your mother or best mate wants for you.

“It’s much harder for us to sort out our own personal challenges in life when we’re stuck right in the middle of them.”

How does it work?

A life coach has innovative tried-and-trusted techniques to help you discover exactly what will bring you the most happiness, and achieve your own personal goals whatever they are. I also provide support and encouragement to motivate and empower you, silence your “inner critic”, and boost your self-esteem. It’s important to add that a coach doesn’t ever tell you what you should do with your life. I listen, ask questions and empower you. Coaching helps clear away the confusion.

What’s the first step?

There’s a free no-obligation initial session where we identify what you wish to gain from coaching and which areas of your life you would most like to improve.

What have been your greatest success stories so far in your time as a life coach?

As a gay man specialising in helping other gay guys some of my greatest achievements are in this area. I helped one older gent come out to his family, and another to finally let go of his long-standing attachment to his ex-boyfriend and find a new one – which he managed to do less than a week after our first meeting!

And what’s so “unique” about your life coaching?

Unlike many coaches who want to keep you coming back for years, my coaching is focused on getting you the success you desire quickly with the minimum time and expense for you. My only agenda is in helping you.


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