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Ever considered Softball as a sport to get stuck into? Then read on, my friends! 


Who are the London Raiders?
London Raiders are one of the UK’s largest LGBT sports clubs. We have a mix of male and female members.
How was the team set up?
The club was formed quite some time ago in 1989 and was initially called the Rainbow Raiders. It was an alternative to the clubbing scene and an opportunity for all to play sport without discrimination based on sexuality, gender and physicality. Sometimes as few as three people would turn up and they would just sit in the park or the pub, other times there would be up to 200 participants and spectators. We have maintained this social and community ethos. I myself have been a member now for six years and have thoroughly enjoyed every year!
What’s the appeal of Softball?
The appeal of Softball is that it is a very sociable game, it is easy to learn and we are very nice to newbies and offer inhouse training by some excellent coaches. We also have occasional guest star coaches from the GB squad, who are fantastic. We are a very welcoming club, that’s why I stayed.
Softball has grown massively in popularity over the years and this is partly down to the relaxed and social atmosphere that comes with it. We are a great mix of competitive and social. We offer a number of social activities throughout the year, with parties, quizzes, the march at Pride, and of course the after party!
What kind of social aspect does the sport have for your members?
This sport is great for gay men to get involved in, it involves running, throwing, catching – things we all did as children and still love to do. If you can’t do any of it then we are here to teach you!
As for who can play – anyone is welcome; one of the plus points to this sport is that however fit you are, whatever body type you have and whatever subculture of gay men you associate with, there is a space for you. Young, old, bear or twink, we accept you all!
We have seven teams across the greater London league and play at all ability levels as well as a dedicated night for the development squad of new and developing players.


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