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Nestled in an alley in Vauxhall next to the railway is Above The Stag… London’s only gay theatre, dontchaknow!


Don’t you love this city. London is really, really, gay. Just name something and we’ll make it gay. Theatres. Book shops. Parks. You name it. Anyway over the years they’ve showcased an unrivalled and eclectic range of thespian delights, all dealing with subject matter relevant to the LGBT community in various different ways. The coming months only highlight this with an exciting and stimulating range of performances.

Firstly comes David Stevens’ The Sum of Us from 9th September until 4th October. 

It follows a young gay man and his straight father in a touching journey of emotion, family and self-discovery.

Noel Coward’s Brief Encounter was written in the 1940s when writing about homosexuality would have got you arrested. Noel told a sad story of a fleeting romance between a man and a woman, but critics have since concluded that was written to involve two men. A Brief Gay Encounter, running from 14th October – 15th November, explores what the story would be like if that were the case, starting with a chance encounter at a railway station in 1945.

On a lighter note, winter at London’s only gay theatre sees the arrival of TINDERELLA.

It is, as we’re SURE you’ll have deduced from the name, a madcap, irreverent take on the traditional fairytale Cinderella. We won’t go into too much detail because it’ll spoil it, but there’s a slave boy called Cinders, who struggles to be happy in a kingdom that’s been banned from Eurovision for bad behaviour. That’s all you need to know really. We won’t say anymore. Oh, actually one more thing; It’s on from 26th November to 16th January.

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London´s Only Gay Theatre Above The Stag
London’s Only Gay Theatre : Above The Stage

• Above the Stag, 17 Miles St, SW8. Tickets for all productions available at

Above The Stag Theatre – LGBT-focused Theatre!

Bootylicious is a queer black club night at club Union in Vauxhall, London.

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