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We speak to leather lothario Brew Hunter about the changing face of the leather scene, vapes vs cigars, and Theresa May’s trousers.


Mastery has quickly made a name for itself as one of the most hardcore, horny and unmissable leather nights in London, with leathermen, pigs, gimps, pups, slaves and all kinds of kinksters flocking from all over the globe to experience the downright depravity.
This Saturday, they’re celebrating their 3rd birthday with another party that’ll recreate the classic leather clubs of yesteryear, all no-holds-barred BDSM, cruising and gasping submission. 


What have you got in store for the 3rd birthday?

Word really has spread like wildflire! Guys are heading from all over, to experience this notorious event – with bootblacks, ashtray bois, bondage doms, flogging masters, cigar daddies, pups, pigs, gimps…Mastery has seen it all! It’s gonna be a crazy, busy night – not only with more and more sexy, hard-playing Mastery Men who always head to Backstreet and make Mastery the ULTIMATE leather night in London – but we’ll be welcoming the new Mr Leather UK 2017 for the start of the year, representing the UK’s leather community.

What are the leather clubs that inspired you to start Mastery?

As a leather boy, when I first came to London, it was leather clubs like The Colherne, The Bloc and The Anvil that played host to leather men. Then apps and the internet came along and totally changed the social and sexual interaction scene. So it became my ambition to recreate the total raunch of the classic leather bars and clubs of the retro leather and BDSM scene – the heavy cruising, the man-to-man action, and the attitude, vibe and sleazy style. Those horny images from The Castro, vintage leather porn and Tom Of Finland were all inspirations.

What do you want to see in this year’s Mr Leather UK?

I’m old school! I wanna see energy, enthusiasm, dedication, humour, sexiness of character; someone who embodies the leather lifestyle as we should all embrace it.

What would you say to someone tempted to come down for the first time?

As Oscar Wilde said, “I can resist anything but temptation.” So – yes, be tempted! Whether you’re an established leather daddy, or a leather lad just starting out on your new fetish journey, I guarantee you’re going to meet an incredible and enthusiastic group of guys who aren’t only ready to play heavy, tough and dirty, but who are also a great bunch of guys.

What did you think of Theresa May’s leather trousers?

Loathe her or love her, I think Mrs May has definitely got a bit of kink going on behind No.10’s curtains. I’d be happy to share some BDSM hints with her.

Do you think vapes will ever come anywhere close to being as sexy as actual cigars?

In a word, no. There is a formality, patience and masculinity to the whole preparation and lighting of a good cigar, which takes time for a man to learn. Once lit, a blindfolded sub can smell and taste a cigar’s smoke. Cigars can heat up tits and balls. I can work an entire evening on a willing and hungry bottom sub lad with the tricks and domination of heavy leathered smoke play. And that ain’t happening with a vape!

Describe Mastery in one sexy sentence 

Mastery has rocked the capital’s fetish scene for three solid years as the hottest, hardest, horniest classic leather night for people who want sex, smoke and submission.

What are the future plans for Mastery?

We’ll be heading out of London in 2017! Spreading the Mastery message of horny, heavy, smoked up sleaze for the men and bois who take the world of leather and sex play seriously. We’ve had plenty of great invitations from the UK and Europe. So I just hope we can accept them all, and finalise the dates very soon. Keep an eye on for more details.


• Brew Hunter’s Mastery 3rd Birthday is on Saturday 21st January at The Backstreet, Wentworth Mews, Mile End E3.

• 10pm – 3am. £10 members, £15 guests. Strictly leather/rubber dress code

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