Grindr have just launched their own range of emojis


And some of the Grindr emojis are um…a bit weird.

Well it was bound to happen at some point wasn’t it. App leviathans Grindr have released an emoji keyboard and the reception from users has been…divided.


It contains a confusing range of characters, with questionable references to things like race, gay slang and recreational drugs. It’s already causing controversy on social media;


It also contains several different versions of the notorious aubergine emoji, including a droopy one and a pierced one. As well as that, there’s  a confusing voodoo doll-esque emoji of a bear with needles stuck in it.

As far as we know, the emoji keyboard launched today and is here to stay! What do you think? Is this what you’d send a guy to get him into bed?





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