The 10 Most Extra Things About Jesy Nelson

The busty ‘Black Magic’ chanteuse always gives 300%

Now, if you know QX, you’ll know we’re famous for doing retrospectives on British girlband members. Well, ‘famous’ might be pushing it a bit, but then, Nicola Roberts pushes the definition of ‘famous’ every time she steps out of her front door, so why shouldn’t we?! Anyway, everyone loves them. We once saw someone use our Nadine Coyle one to mop up a spilled drink in Dalston Superstore. And our Sarah Harding one went down in history as one of the most vapid and irrelevant pieces of journalism ever created.

Now it’s the turn of JESY NELSON! Little Mix star, hair extension connoisseur, and all-round queen of pop. With lacquered and sometimes bedazzled nails, she’s clawed her way from the depths of X Factor pop obscurity with nought but a Paul Smith satchel and some misguided confidence. She’s bold, she’s brassy, she’s often drunk, and she’s one of our faves!

So here we go – The ten most extra things about Jesy Nelson! AllTHEBOYSONTHEBLOCKKNOCKINGATMYDOOR! HEY!



1. She’s not afraid of a heavy eyeliner.
And y’know what Jesy, neither are we. Heavy eyeliner is the sign of a premier popstar. Amy Winehouse. Adele. Taylor Momsen. That last one’s debateable actually. Also Jessie J wears heavy eyeliner, so that completely disproves our theory. Moving on…

2. She loves a leather harness
See you at Hard On babe!


3. Balegdeh!

4. The hairography
She needs to be careful of that hair, it’s got a life of its own. It’s in danger of becoming Little Mix’s fifth member.

5. The faces
Our Jesy’s got an exceptionally expressive face, and it’s endlessly entertaining

6. The bizarre phrases
She always comes out with strange non-sequitors that only seem to make sense in her head.

7. This illustration of her as a witch
We’re obsessed. Witchy Nelson!

8. The outfits
Jesy’s aesthetic seems to fluctuate between The Craft, meets Topshop Design, meets cybergoth, meets bondage Aztec, meets Cher Lloyd on a comedown. Anyway we’re obsessed.

9. She likes a drink
As we’ve already said, our Jesy LOVES a drink. And there’s nothing wrong with loving a drink. If people didn’t love a drink, QX wouldn’t exist. So there.

10. The crying in taxis
It’s a well-known fact, that when a popstar gets papped crying in a taxi, they’ve MADE IT.

11. She always gives 300%
On stage. In music videos. In interviews. Always. Gives. THREE. HUNDRED. Per. Cent! We like to think she’s like that all the time. She’s probably got a whole dance routine just to pour milk into her cereal in the mornings. Or to dry her hair. HEY!

Whoops, that’s eleven things. Oh well. Jesy’s just too extra. WHADDYAGONNADO? Hey!