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We love a game-changer! Kelly Osbourne, for example, was a game-changer in music. Remember ‘One Word’? What an iconic bop! Lady Gaga was also a game-changer in modern pop, although Madonna would say otherwise. Oasis were supposedly game-changers in the world of indie rock, but who really cares about that. Maybe “The Klaxons”.

Naomi Campbell was a game-changer in the modeling world. Jeff Koons is a game-changer in the art world! QX are game-changers in the world of gay media. We are, after all, the best, most creative, hottest and most popular gay magazine IN. THE. WORLD. How do we do it? Just with spit and charm really. That’s all it takes.

And now, some new game-changers have arrived in the world of gay dating apps. It’s interesting isn’t it, how perceptions of online dating have changed. It used to be fairly niche, but now pretty EVERYONE single (and some people in relationships) have at least one dating app on their phone.

Now obviously we’ve all heard of the notorious one. The ORANGE one. But people these days are looking for something a little more comprehensive, a little more rewarding. There are only so many dick pics you can send, before eventually you’re like, ‘right, you know what, I just want to go for a nice coffee and cake and a sit down WITH someone, rather than ON someone.’

And that’s where Chappy comes in! They give you the choice between ‘Mr Right’ or ‘Mr Right Now’. So depending on your mood, you can either sit opposite someone at a restaurant, or on someone in a bedroom. There’s nothing wrong with either! And that’s what they’re all about.

As modern, 21st century gay men, we are MORE than within our rights to choose how, when and why we date or shag people, and Chappy will help you do that, with gusto!

They’ve even got a sliding scale that you can position yourself on, depending on what sort of experience you’d like to have. And through stats and analytics, they’ve discovered some interesting things about what people want. For example, the best time to find ‘Mr Right’ is between Sunday and Thursday, while the best time to locate ‘Mr Right Now’ is on Fridays and Saturdays. HMMMM.

“Choice is at the heart of Chappy,” says co-founder Ollie Locke. “It’s why we created the ‘Chappy Scale’. Matching with someone that you know is looking for the same as you puts our users five steps ahead of the conversations they’re having on other platforms.”

“We’re pleased with these results so early on,” says other co-founder Jack Rogers. “It just goes to prove that this option was previously missing from the market – we’re very proud to finally give the community that choice.”

Quite right! Well done boys. We’re gonna download Chappy and dive in!

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