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Brew Hunter, leather daddy, is the leather-clad lothario behind one of London’s most daring and debauched club nights; Mastery is a fetish night, specifically catering to guys into leather and smoking.

It’s all about bootlicking and ash-flicking, getting on the prowl and getting on your knees.

We got on our knees in front of Brew, and got him to tell us a bit more about it!

Hey Brew Hunter – for those who don’t know you, tell us a bit about yourself.

Well, most people might know me in the leather community! A few years ago, I decided to start a night called MASTERY at London’s original, best and hottest Leather Club, THE BACKSTREET. I wanted to run a hard and horned-up S/Moky night for LeatherMen and bois, who would enjoy a recreation of the heady days of the classic leather clubs and attitude of the definitive days of the Leather Scene. Y’know: Tom Of Finland, Robert Mapplethorpe, the Castro clubs in San Francisco, the New York Leather clubs etc. MASTERY is now the most popular hardcore ‘Sex, S/Moke & Submission’ evening in the London fetish scene, and attracts LeatherMen, bikers, bois, subs, gimps, pups and pigs from all over the UK – and brings guys over from Europe, USA and further! Rubber is very welcomed as well!

How did you get into fetish?

Ha – I was in a leather jacket and scuffed biker boots as a teenager (and still my everyday wear after all those years!) It was when I moved to London and discovered that my everyday dresscode was an easy intro to those hard and sleazy London clubs, and ‘bang!’ – I discovered I was a Leather ‘Top’ and realised that I kinda had an ability and flair for Domination and everything that it involves, including floggers and chains. It was right up my alley – rough and tough, and I was already cigar smoker, so that was an added bonus!

What’s the hottest party you’ve been to?

Those SM and Domination parties in the early days were pretty wild, and I remember one in particular in a filthy basement dungeon in New York. In those days, the air would be thick with cigar smoke and the smell of Amyl, which horned me up as soon I walked in. I was in the Big Apple on my way back from SF – and had a few new tricks up my leather sleeve! It did not take long before my FFists, cock, chains and floggers were in full action in a XXX Leather scene that lasted 6 or 7 hours. I walked back out into the street, drippin’ and stinkin’ of lube, spit and mansweat, having blown my ManBlast I dunno how many times…my little black book was busy for a long time after! That was the scene for me, man!

Brew Hunter leather daddy What famous guy would you most like to dominate?

You wouldn’t believe the number of celebs who are into this vibe – obvs they can’t go public with it – but I’ve chained up a few, and believe me – being a famous face means fuck all when you’re hooded, gagged and crawling on yer knees in a collar and chain.

What can we expect from your party on the 21st?

MASTERY on the 21st is the Saturday Party for London Leather Weekend… expect the core of London’s top Leathermen and their boys, plus all the visitors to the city. BACKSTREET’s dark corners and sling are always full of heavy players, and BACKSTREET’s awesome  down and dirty smoking area is packed with hardcore Leather Daddy s, their slaves and ashtray bois and bootlickers.

Brew Hunter leather daddy mastery

What’s your advice to guys looking to get into fetish?

Easy – I’d advise any guy to take a deep breath and just walk through the door of a Fetish Club. After that first step – you’ll never look back! Always check dress codes, but start with some black boots and whatever Leather or rubber you can afford – attitude, confidence and doin’ what ya always dreamed of is the key. It worked for me! And it just keeps gettin’ better. If you decide to get to MASTERY – make sure ya come up and say hi (I won’t be in the dark ALL night!)

Brew Hunter Mastery is on Saturday 21st October at The Backstreet, Wentworth Mews, E3. 10pm – 3am. £15 entry or £10 for members. 

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