Caroline Reid, creator of Pam Ann, has a new show at Leicester Square Theatre

She’s left Pam behind but she’s still as outrageous as ever

Australian comedian Caroline Reid is preparing to embark on a different kind of journey to the ones she’s become accustomed to. There’ll be no stewardess uniform, bags of coke and no running to the galley. Just a microphone and Caroline’s wicked, sharp humour. Ahead of the world premiere of new show RAWR this month, Jason Reid caught up with the creator of Pam Ann to talk starting out again, comedy in 2017 and social media woes…

Hey Caroline, welcome back to London! What’s the new show all about and why is it called RAWR?

Initially I was using the title ‘Tinder, Coke, Fuck…Repeat!’ but I kept getting blocked online when I was trying to promote the show. Everything is so fucking PC these days. Anyway, I decided to change it to RAWR, which is a play on the ROAR of a lion and RAW as in barebacking. The show is a no holds barred look at my party lifestyle living in New York.

What subjects will you be picking apart?


I’ll be giving my take on the groping epidemic, the royal family, and anything topical at the time. It’s a spit your drink out, ‘GASP, did she just say that?’ kind of show. Not for millennials who are easily offended.

When and where was your first stand-up gig and how did it go?

It was as Pam Ann in 1996 at a club called The Lounge in Melbourne. I was petrified but to my surprise it went well and as they say the rest is history.

Most people know you only as Pam Ann. How do you feel when you’re on stage as Pam compared to being on stage as Caroline?

It’s very strange to be honest; there’s been times when I’ve actually thought I was Pam Ann in real life because the lines got blurred, but after performing as myself I realised that Pam is not me at all. It was such a revelation and I was shocked to find this out.

That’s interesting. In a sense Pam almost took over…

Well I’ve performed as Pam Ann for 21 years and she just coasts along easily. I take my hat off to her because starting out as myself is fucking hard. I actually got a bit jealous of how funny and natural that bitch is, but massive respect to Pam Ann and fingers crossed I can carve out a career as myself. If not, then at least Pam Ann can catch me if I fall.

When you’re writing a show, is any subject off limits?

Absolutely nothing is off limits in my live shows. I’m so pissed at the way the world is right now with all these ‘forced outrage’ people. It makes me want to push the envelope even more.

I know you’ve been critical of social media in the past because of content guidelines. How do you approach it now?

With absolute caution. I have to because I’m on Facebook’s watch list – one more bad thing and I’m blocked for two months. I just can’t be bothered with it anymore when it comes to making a point because the world has become so PC and ridiculous. I’ll save my energy for my live work. Puppies and unicorns!

Do you think 2017 has been a good year for comedy and comedians?

For the Trump and political comedians it has most definitely been a great year. Drag queens have also had a great year with all the RuPaul shows killing it around the globe. For people like myself? Well I try and keep it consistent and stay in my lane. I think that’s why I am still performing after 21 years and hopefully for another 21, if I live that long.

In a year of upside down reality, who and what has made you laugh?

I moved to Miami this year where I frequented the famous Palace Bar and I must say, my sistah Tiffany Fantasia is the person who has not only made me laugh but fucking howl. If you are ever visiting Miami check them out. What makes me laugh are the dick pics and masturbating videos that guys send first thing in the morning with the caption ‘thinking of you’.

Dick pics are always hilarious to me too! So you’ll be in London for Christmas. How will you be spending Christmas Day?

I am so excited to be in London for Christmas after so many years. I will of course be spending the day in Balham with my gays and their gaybies, all cosy, hoofing down a good old British roast dinner with lashings of gravy.

Caroline Reid – RAWR plays at Leicester Square Theatre from 20th-23rd December. For more info and tickets, head to