London drag queen Jacqui Potato has created some amazing pictures of scene faces with her niece’s felt tips

But is it art, sweetie? It totes is! Jacqui Potato has many strings to her thong. As well as being a superstar DJ, a clutchbag wielder, an almost insultingly energetic dancer, a fashion designer and a general nightlife concept, she’s also an ARTIST.

She’s created a series of gorgeous drawings with naught but imagination and her niece’s felt tip pen. She just did it because she was bored, apparently.

They’re brilliant, oddly innocent likenesses of some of the London queer scene’s famous faces, from the deliciously dark David Hoyle, to the courageously coiffed Jodie Harsh, and even QX’s very own nightlife columnist Princess Julia.

They’ll be displayed as an exhibition, “Just The Tips”, curated by another of our faves, Hungama co-creator Ryan Lanji.


“Just The Tips” is at Kreativ House, 280 Mare st E8 1HE, from 8th March.