Nude Resorts – The Best In No-Clothing Relaxation and Light-Packing Travel

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If you really want to inject excitement into your relationship or push the boundaries, clothing optional leisure resorts are the way to go. You wouldn’t be alone in your need to experiment either, with reports from media outlets indicating that just shy of 60% of travellers would consider going to a nude resort. There’s no-clothing leisure accommodation to suit every taste too. Whether you want couples-only retreats, getaways designed to up your sex drive or anybody-over-18 welcome type spots, there’s one for you.


Basic decorum

Far from being sleazy, birthday suit resorts have strict rules to protect you. These include designated no-clothing areas such as the pool or lounge quarters, or otherwise prescribe what’s not allowed. Generally, sneaking pictures, gawking, making others uncomfortable and affectionate touching isn’t allowed. Basically, if you would not do it fully clothed at your local gym, don’t do it here either.


If you’re a gent and worried about unexpectedly showing arousal despite your best efforts, don’t worry, the towels everywhere aren’t just there for hygiene. You can and should cover your modesty. Also, sit on the provided towels to maintain hygiene in dining areas.


The pool and a beach are given. Most resorts come with a myriad partial clothing or no clothing entertainment including cinema rooms, poker rooms, casino slots, adventure sports, spas and more. If you’re missing your iGaming fix, catch up virtually while you enjoy the free WiFi. Ever expanding modern methods of payment mean you if your debit card isn’t accepted, you can go for another option such as echecks. You may be wondering, is it safe to deposit using echecks? Yes, and you can also transfer them or pay with them not only for your holidays but also for online casino games, online purchases and more.

Top resort picks

Desire Pearl Riviera Maya in Cancun, Mexico is strictly for spicing things up and not for the timid. Wisely, the resort is a couples-only one. It has everything you could typically wish for to encourage that amorous mood – think tropical surroundings and white beaches – but if you still need something more, try the pole dancing classes.

Hidden Beach Resort also in Riviera Maya, Mexico, is the place to totally lose your inhibitions, meaning clothing is never an option. You are expected to be nude all the times. As the name suggests though, your privacy is not compromised as the resort is protected by thick jungle vegetation. A supply of fresh towels is always on hand to keep things hygienic.

Looking for something more inclusive and want to wear your clothes some of the time? Head to The Natural in Curacao. It is the only nudist resort in Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao and you’re welcome whether you’re single, barely legal, a group of friends, part of a couple or anything else. Perched atop a hill, you’ll want to strip when you get in this pool and gaze down from heaven at the ocean below.

Of course, no roundup would be complete without a mention of Bali. At Bali Au Naturel in Bali, snorkelling, diving, canoeing and more make for the perfect romantic escape at this gay owned-and-operated paradise.

With so much to see, experience and explore, it should be ready, set, pack. Just not your clothes, that is!




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