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Us gay guys have a lot of sex. We pioneered the sex app and are connoisseurs of the whole casual sex thing. New research could suggest that it’s in our genes, and even when straight boys have those genes! Like some gay sex superpower, there seems to be predisposition to have more sex.

Over at the Broad Institute in Massachusetts, researchers have announced the findings of anew study that links so-called ‘gay genes’ to mating success in heterosexuals. thought the full study has yet to go public, it seems as if men with a little gay in them do better when it comes to doing it.

The study is made up of date collected form more than 300,000 heterosexuals who answer questions about their sexual tastes. They also questioned 28,000 subjects who had gay encounters as well, and asked them similar questions. The data was then compared and identified a number of genes which correlated to sexual behaviour. The final results were surprising.

The first finding that was announced was that being gay directly correlated to genetics, though homosexuality is not caused by a single gene.  A geneticist who was involved in the research, Benjamin Neale, shared that “it’s really saying there is going to be a slighter higher or lower chance” of being homosexual if you have a number of these genes. 

The study then found that those who identified as heterosexual, but had these ‘gay genes’, had more sex and more sexual partners. Imagine that? The promiscuous genes that get you out of your jeans. The data collected also showed that men with these same ‘gay genes’ were deemed more physically attractive. 

These findings were based largely on homosexual men, finding less success in identifying genetic correlations among lesbians. These findings suggest that not only were us gay men born this way, but we also tend to be prettier and we’re born much more ready to jump into bed with someone. 

Now that we found that being a slut is in our genes, we’re off to an orgy. Don’t wait up.

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