Join the LGBT Foundation and The House of Decay for the inaugural SexWithoutShame Ball

Why are you gagging so? They bring it to you every ball. This year the LGBT foundation are giving you O-P-U-L-E-N-C-E at their SexWithoutShame Ball.

Celebrating the vogue and ballroom culture, this year’s LGBT foundation Ball will be walking the floor to commemorate those we’ve lost to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. The Ball also marks the start of National HIV Testing Week, ensuring that all LGBT people know their HIV status.

There will be a series of workshops and talks at NIAMOS ahead of the ball focusing on voguing, dancing in heels, HIV and activism and developments in HIV prevention (PrEP, U=U and testing).

Serving up 10’s across the board will be The House of Decay,  Manchester’s premiere underground queer vogue house, showcasing New Way and Femme vogue moves.

                           (Instagram: @thehouseofdecay)

Sit back and watch the extravaganza unfold, or get up and serve the children your vogue moves. You’ll have the chance to witness or participate in this fabulous event, championing and empowering our community through music, dance and togetherness.

All profits from the event will go to purchase HIV self-test kits, safer injecting and safer sex packs, pregnancy test kits and sanitary products for LGBT people in Greater Manchester who need them.

We’ll also collecting donations throughout the day for:
• £11.50 could purchase a HIV self-test kit
• £6 could purchase a safer injecting and safer sex pack for someone engaging in ChemSex
• £11 could purchase 2 pregnancy test kits
• £3 could purchase 18 tampons
• £2 could purchase 12 sanitary pads
• £22 could pay for a Moon Cup – a reusable eco-friendly menstrual cup

The SexWithoutShame Ball takes place at NIAMOS, Preston Street, Manchester (M15 5JJ) on Saturday 17th November, 6:30-11pm. Tickets can purchased for £11 (+booking fee) from

They also have a range of other SexWithoutShame events which include:

Test & Trim 18th November

To mark National HIV Testing Week they’ll be offering confidential rapid HIV tests with friendly staff from LGBT Foundation and haircuts with the LGBT-inclusive RCNQ team. They’ll also be screening a series of camp hair-based films in the basement served with popcorn and soda, so you can make a day of it

CLICK HERE to find out more. 


ParTy Boi Film Screening & Panel Discussion 22nd November

They’ll be screening parTy boi, black diamonds in ice castles, a documentary highlighting methamphetamine addiction among LGBTQ people of colour in the US. The documentary explores a drug epidemic through the real stories of people who are thinking about using methamphetamine, dealing with the effects of usage, and surviving addiction. It is an untold tale from the urban perspective that has the possibility to change the perception of the “parTy & play” life style within inner city queer demographics.

CLICK HERE to find out more. 


SexWithoutShame Takeover, Partisan Collective 8th December

We’ll be announcing our lineup shortly. Expect workshops, talks and spaces focused on sexual liberation from screen printing underwear and an intimate touch workshop through to an open-mic and photo exhibition in the basement.

Click Here to find out more.