QX Meets… Chappy

Chappy’s Head of Brand Sam Dumas on why we need to be kinder to each other online

In an internet landscape of execrable vitriol and general unpleasantness, Chappy is managing to keep its head above water (“execrable vitriol”, that’s a good phrase isn’t it! Yeah, we went to uni).

Recently, people seem to have been coming around to the fact that the internet can be fucking awful, and it’s time to start being a bit nicer to each other. Chappy have led that charge from the start – their brand has always put emphasis on the importance of personal connections and reserving judgment, and their attitude moving into 2019.

We spoke to their Head of Brand Sam Dumas (who’s got great teeth, hi Sam) to find out more.

What’s the vibe at Chappy at the moment then?

Well, over the next few quarters, we’re looking to expand our presence in the US, both through partnerships and sponsorships. One of the more exciting partnerships we have coming up, is we’re partnering with GLAAD. It’s called Chats For Charity – so for every chat initiated in the app, Chappy will make a donation to GLAAD, to help with advocacy and outreach through 2019. We’re hoping to raise tens of thousands of dollars for GLAAD, which will help the LGBT community. And that’s at the core of what we do, so we’re really excited about that.

So what do you think about dating apps in general then? And what’s your view on how gay dating apps affect gay men?

The reality is, until Chappy, the online dating app world was full of a lot of similar types of apps, where discrimination and prejudice masked as preference, were at the forefront of communication. The reason Chappy has been built so successfully, is because we stand for something more. Representing something that is at the root, based on authenticity and transparency and respect, is our most important foundation. That’s why I’m proud to work here, and why everyone else who works here is proud. Because we are truly offering something that didn’t exist. Something that’s positive, respectful, and working to enhance the relationships not just between men, but within the community itself.

People are getting bored of the same old apps.

There can be a lot of criticism of online dating in general. But I think it’s the modern way to date. And the reality is, people will use more than one app. Chappy is fulfilling something the community desperately needed – and that’s kindness and respect to one another, in a really simplistic way. We’re just asking our users to go on to the app – they sign a pledge before they can use it. And that pledge is our commitment and the user’s commitment to treat each other with respect. That simple principle has been adopted by every single one of our 650,000 registered users, in a way that’s really impactful, and shows the community was hungry for this and has accepted it.

So what do you want QX readers to take away from this interview?

What I want your readers to know – and the community as a whole, and even outside our community – is that relationships can really bring to life things that you don’t even think about. I’m in a respectful relationship, and I had no idea what that would bring to my life. Our mission as an app is to bring those positive aspects and shared commonalities between two people, to life. It can do a lot for one’s confidence, and one’s life in general. Our mission is to bring that reality to more people. Dating doesn’t have to be impossible, you can date online and you can be kind to one another. Whether you go on one date together, or spend the rest of your lives together you can get a lot of value out of that. And as a brand that is our core mission.

For more info and to download the app, head to chappyapp.com