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A fish & chip shop, an 80s pop sensation…what’s not to love?!

There’s a hidden gem in Covent Garden. At first glimpse, it’s just another Central London restaurant, but on closer inspection, it’s…a proper seaside chippy?! A delightful oasis of understated simplicity, slap bang in the middle of one of London’s most bustling and gentrified tourist hubs.

Rock & Sole Plaice is London’s oldest fish & chip establishment. When in opened in 1871 (!) it was the third ever fish and chip shop in the world, serving workers from Covent Garden Market and the surrounding factories and warehouses.

Still going strong today, the restaurant does a roaring trade in classics like pickled eggs, cod & chips and steak & kidney pie, to everyone from paupers to politicians! Musicians to machinists! Bailiffs to burlesque performers!

After changing hands numerous times over the years and undergone various transformations, Rock & Sole Plaice has landed in the be-sequinned lap of singing sensation and friend to QX Lanah P! It’s owned and managed by her brother but she can often be found propping up the counter and chatting away to customers. Known for her stonking single ‘Pistol in my Pocket’ as well as plenty of work on the stage and screen, Lanah is one of those London legends who’s inimitable, indelible and, depending on how many drinks we’ve had, indescribable!

As we sat to enjoy our meal on one of those careening and camp-laden London winter nights, she flitted about doling out delicious fried goods and quick quips to customers. When we asked where the bathroom is she said “oh it’s downstairs, I do hope you get a good seat – I’ve reserved you a spot!” As regular readers know, we’re a bit in love with Lanah, so we won’t go through every iconic thing she said, because we’ll be here all night. Suffice to say, it’s worth a trip down just for her.

Also for the FOOD. We had a starter of baked camembert, gooey and gorgeous, followed by two mains of battered sausage and scampi – both insanely generous portions, but battered with light, fluffy aplomb, so they didn’t leave you with that lethargy often borne of eating greasy food. Oh, and two bottles of the sauvignon blanc of course, which was gorgeous.

Rock & Sole Plaice is an example of something London needs much more of – an unpretentious, fun and delicious eating house, run with genuine love by its owners. Top marks!

The Rock & Sole Plaice is at 47 Endell Street, WC2H 9AJ. For more info head to


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