Look Good, Feel Gorgeous – New Year’s Eve Getaway


Going on holiday is supposed to be the most relaxing time of the year, but those pesky queues and delays at the airport leave most of us feeling zero chill and pretty stressed. Despite most of us feeling prepared when we set out for the airport, a simple re-think of what we wear to travel in could help reduce the delays at security checks and give us more time for Duty Free or a few drinks in Wetherspoons. Luckily we’re on hand with the low down of the best outfits to wear while you travel to ensure your style, comfort and time keeping are on-point.

Keep it Casual

Comfortable yet practical, a smart tracksuit or one-piece will ensure you get through security checks quickly. Generally you should keep to longer-length trousers as you won’t look so out of place in the cold of December but you’ll also remain warm on the plane. I’m sporting BoohooMAN.com red check trousers which are comfortable, practical and stylish!

Don’t get caught out


With most airlines feeling the pinch of late, they target us holiday-goers with extra charges for luggage. Best way to avoid overloading your bags? Layer what you wear to the airport and store in the overhead locker! The perfect travel companion is this Tobias Fishtail Parka by Merc.com. Made with water-repellent Polyester, this jacket is going to keep you nice and toasty whilst you’re away but will also make you look the part poncing around the airport.

Savvy Styling 

Be ahead of the game when it comes to security checks and don’t set the metal detectors off with your accessories. Belts, bracelets, watches and phones… they all set the metal detector off (durgh!). Be prepared and put them in a pocket of your hand luggage as soon as you arrive at the airport or be prepared for the backlash from fellow passengers. You’ll save loads of time (…and face)!

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