Ariana Grande to headline Manchester Pride

Ariana Grande

After months of us all breathlessly speculating over whether Ariana would be headlining this year’s Manchester Pride, it’s official – SHE IS.

Not surprising given that she said she’d be doing something “big for the LGBT community” in the UK this year. But it’s welcome and exciting news all the same. 

Her presence justifies this year’s unprecedentedly high ticket price. It’s angered many, with a weekend pass clocking in at over £70. That’s pricier than many London festivals, and has made some question the validity and inclusivity of ticketed pride events. 

The event runs over the weekend of the 23rd – 26th August. Ariana will be being joined by acclaimed LGBT artists like Kim Petras, Years & Years and Hercules & Love Affair. Basement Jaxx, Bananarama and Faithless are also on the lineup. Crikey!



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