QX Preview – DEBBIE’s 7th Birthday!

We meet Debbie’s DJs to get the lowdown ahead of their 7th birthday celebrations!

Female-fronted queer dance party Debbie is celebrating its seventh birthday this Saturday – SEVEN YEARS! That’s a long time in gay clubland, and deserves to be commended.

We got DJs Xander Bernhard and Sina Sparrow to run us through the highs and lows, ins and outs and Kylies and Danis of the much-loved monthly party.

Seven years for a gay club night is the equivalent of a Diamond Jubilee – what’s your secret to such a good innings?

S: I don’t think we have a secret. We just turn up at The Eagle every month. No-one tells us not to. Luckily we manage to pull in a crowd who like what we do. 


X: To be fair, they may have told us not to come back, and we haven’t noticed. We’re very thick-skinned. 

What’s been your most memorable Debbie moment/anecdote?

S: When our previous venue {redacted} burnt down?

X: You can’t say that! (To be clear, it wasn’t us.)

S: Our first Pride party at the Eagle really stands out. The place was rammed and the atmosphere was incredible.

X: Pure joy all night long. It was our busiest night ever.

S: Well, until Pride 2018! 

Who would be the guests for the ultimate Debbie dinner party? 

X: Obviously Sina’s going to say Debbie Harry!

S: Of course. And Edith Massey.

X: I want to invite Shampoo to find out where they’ve been.

S: Yes! And speaking of long lost twosomes, how about The Reynolds Girls. 

X: So that’s Stevie Nicks off the list then. Oh, Romy and Michele – our role models

S: And the guest of honour, the log lady from Twin Peaks.


What’s your biggest diva moment?

S: Xander’s always having diva moments. I don’t think I could pick just one.

X: Its true, I get stressed and shout if things don’t go to plan. – which they rarely do. Poor Sina bears the brunt because he’s usually closest.

S: And you’re too scared to shout at the drag queens.

What can we expect from Debbie’s birthday bash this Saturday? 

S: Well apart from our favourite hits from your favourite female singers – which pretty much goes without saying, I know that Stella and Cassandra have got BIG plans for their performance.

X: And The Eagle have created a special drink for the night…

S: The Bloody Debbie! 

X: Served by a very special Stoli Trolley Dolly. And there are 2 for 1 drinks before 11. So get there early. I can’t wait, its going to be so much fun.

S: And probably very messy.

DEBBIE’S 7th Birthday is at Eagle London this Saturday 6th April. 349 Kennington Lane, SE11 5QY. 9am – 4am.