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If you’ve been finding dating repetitive, with its endless parade of restaurants and coffee bars, then it’s worth considering an alternative that’s not only more original but also helps you get to know your date in a way that’s simply not possible in any other environment; gay massage London, undoubtedly one of the world’s most exciting capital cities, can nevertheless have a dating scene that’s sometimes lacklustre and dull.

Just think how much more exciting your evening will be if you and your date spend it in a luxurious, serene environment, completely divested of clothing, being lavished with love from head to toe by fully qualified masseurs. True, it requires a degree of faith and bravery to choose this experience for your date; it’s easier just to spend 45 minutes in a high street coffee chain or 90 minutes at the cinema. But think how much more you’ll get; you’ll have ample opportunity to find out if there’s chemistry between the two of you and, even if there isn’t, you’ll come away with all the physical and psychological benefits of the treatment. 

What to expect on your date

If you make the bold, adventurous decision to take your date for gay massage in London, then it makes the most sense to choose the ‘four-hands massage’ option or the ‘couples massage’ option. These are among the available treatments at several reputable agencies, including Tantric Soul. You’ll choose two masseurs from the gallery of strong, handsome practitioners. During the treatment, the two therapists can alternate between you, so that both of you get to experience both of them. The session will begin with all four participants undressing. The room (the treatment is available as both an in-call and an out-call) will be gently lit with candles. Soft music will play in the background. In the same room, you and your date will lie side by side and the therapists will begin by treating you to Swedish and deep-tissue work, designed to soothe muscles, aches and pains, bringing you deeper and deeper into pure relaxation. When a satisfactory degree of relaxation has been achieved then both therapists will coat themselves in a warm oil formula in preparation for the body to body work. Body to body massage is administered by the masseurs balancing over you on their forearms and then using their pecs and washboard stomachs to press into you and glide around you in a figure of eight. No part of your is left untouched or untreated and the therapists will bring you both closer and closer to a place of release, holding you in that most euphoric of places, prolonging the ecstasy and the passion. 

What are the benefits

It can be such a challenge just to relax and be yourself when you’re on a date. That’s why, so often, both parties come away feeling they haven’t really made any sort of connection. If you’re on your guard, as is so often the case when dating, and consumed by self-consciousness, then it’s little wonder that dates are unfulfilling. But with gay massage, the masks come off and you really enter a space in which it’s possible to form a bond. The treatment helps dispel awkwardness and all the drawbacks of the contemporary gay dating scene are absent. You and your date will touch, make eye contact and be in the optimal setting for working out if you’re attracted to each other or not.

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