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All too often queer spaces in nightlife, though being accommodating to trans folk, ultimately cater to a cis gay male crowd looking to get a dance in and grab a guy to head home with. Having grown weary of being an afterthought, promoters Lewis G Burton and Unoriginal Minds (also known as Jo Alloway) put their minds together to come up with a brand new night run by and for non-binary, trans and gender non-conforming folks. And so out of the gender non-specific womb, Them Fatale was birthed. 

Taking over infamous queer East London watering hole Dalston Superstore, this Friday sees the evening’s launch, bringing together folks from across the gender spectrum to serve up diverting performances and seizure-inducing DJ sets. Speaking to the venue Jo shared: 

“We’ve both been around London’s queer nightlife scene for a while ( obviously Lewis has been around A LOT longer than me), and trans*, non-binary and GNC folx are paving the way in the scene whether as performers, DJs or artists. I guess, one of the main reasons that both Lewis and I wanted to put this night together is to curate a space where we are able to celebrate and showcase the talent of the community.”

Host Lucia Blake

Speaking on the importance of trans representation within the nightlife scene, co-creator Lewis shared how they felt about its current state:

“I think a lot of cis gay men have forgotten their history as they’re being assimilated into heteronormative society. Trans* people are the reason we have more freedoms now than we have in the past 100 years. Trans* people have always been at the forefront for the fight of equal rights and yet we’re still the most marginalised members of the LGBTQ+ community. We’re still being brutally murdered and beaten worldwide for our very existence. This is why representation in nightlife and just in the media, on TV and film and within pop culture is vital now more than ever.”

The rager will feature a range of DJs, including Dawta, DJ Pussiephuss, ShayShay, Rodent (pictured in the header) and Elliot B2B Pornography churning out bangers across two floors. Hosting the night will be Cool Dad, Lucia Blake (pictured above) and Caviar J. The evening will be raising funds for non-profit charity Gendered Intelligence who aim to increase understanding of gender diversity in creative new ways. 

Them Fatale launches this Friday 31st of May, 9pm – 3am at Dalston Superstore, Dalston E8 2PB. Find the facebook event HERE.

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