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Queer theatre has well and truly taken over the British capital with gusto. You can hardly throw a kebab without knocking some performer halfway through their one-man show, or a drag collective lip-syncing to a Judith Butler reading. Having grown tired of watching one dull Pinter revival after another Shakespeare tragedy, the queers are always here with a fine crop of fresh, exciting new work.

Here are a few bits to keep an eye out for, coming up at Above the Stag Theatre:

Queer Theatre : Closer to Heaven

From 3rd July

Above the Stag round up
Closer to Heaven at Above the Stag Theatre.

Having taken up a job behind the bar at a popular Soho nightclub, young Irish dancer Dave finds himself at the heart of a new and very unconventional family. Moving to London to make a name for himself, it’s not long before he gets side-tracked by drinking and drug use which comes to take over his life. In the midst of the nightclub’s smoke machine, his aspirations of becoming a dancer soon dissolve into the haze. This play by Jonathan Harvey asks if it’s ever possible to pull yourself back from the edge and truly shine. Toeing the line between the comic and the tragic, this broken tale of London’s nightlife is beautifully set to music and lyrics by the legendary Pet Shop Boys. Under the direction of Steven Dexter, this dark musical thriller plunges deep into the beating heart of Soho.


Reuben Kaye – Journey to the Centre of Attention

25th – 27th of July

Above the Stag round up
Reuben Kaye – Journey to the Centre of Attention at Above the Stag Theatre.

For three nights, and three nights only. Above the Stag are proud to present the multi-award-winning international cabaret scene-sation, Reuben Kaye. The theatre’s inaugural late-night cabaret show is landing with a big Aussie bang. Strap yourself in for this Journey to the Centre of Attention, and lather yourself up in Reuben’s self-indulgence. Expect high-camp, high-energy bedragglement for this evening of big notes and filthy humour. Glittering sequins, slashing lashes and an acid tongue, there isn’t a safe seat in the house when RK takes to the stage. 

Queer Theatre : The Good Scout

26th and 27th of July

Above the Stag round up
The Good Scout at Above the Stag.

The forgotten history of when the British boy scouts met the Hitler youth. Inspired by the true history of when Lord Baden-Powell and Hitler’s London ambassador instigated visits between the boy scouts and Hitler Youth in the 1930s in the hopes that they’d rub off on each other. This Edinburgh preview presents the life-changing visit of German boy cyclists to Bassington, England. Will and Jacob, two Rover Scouts, are teetering on the cusp of manhood when the visit knocks them off-kilter under the looming heavy cloud of an impending war.  A darkly humorous drama about forbidden love, espionage and a scout’s honour.

Above The Stag Theatre, 72 Albert Embankment, Vauxhall SE1 7TP.
Find out more at AboveTheStag.



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