Giving House A Home at Circa Soho

Circa Soho DJs

The weekly roster of DJs at your favourite queer boozer

Leather seats. Exposed brick. Glittering disco ball DJ booth. You might know Circa Soho for their stellar aesthetics, but there’s so much more to check out at this friendly boozer. Always dishing up a relaxed, contemporary atmosphere, you can see why the bar draws in a handsome crowd. Grabbing a drink at the bar, we’re always struck by the calibre of man that sawn on over up Frith Street. Each week, their talented crop of DJs dish up a different vibe every night (except for Monday, everyone needs a night off darling), each bringing its own unique flavour to the place. From scene staples to fresh talent, it takes a special kind of mixer to take charge of that silver DJ booth.

Here’s a break-down of exactly what your week at Circa Bar sounds like:


Kicking off the week at Circa Soho is a Tuesday night laid-back music session. The smoothest and most soulful house for a chilled after-work drink. If you’re looking to keep the good vibes going on date night, there’s no better place to head for a drink. Sink into their dark leather sofas and settle into the Soulful sounds.



Hump day? More like shake that rump day. Wednesday nights are all about delicious Pop and R&B remixes, plus the odd fist-pumping House reworking of classic tracks. Bringing you throwback hits with fresh new sounds. Grab a gin and tonic and sway to the beats of these thrashing throwbacks.


Bringing together every Circa mixer for a night of back-to-back sets. Each fresh talent brings their distinct flavour to the decks. Expect to hear beats from Addison, Christopher Brown, Doug GS, Jonathan Bestley, Sam Londt and Suki Rae. These sounds are sure to have you shaking your caboose to the freshest chart tunes and Pop classics.


Chunky, fresh and funky. Friday nights at this boozer is all about uplifting beats and good vibrations. Start the weekend off right with cheek-bouncing sounds courtesy of the skilled soundscapers on the Circa troupe. Think fun tracks that’ll have you knocking back those pints, and chatting up some handsome strangers.  Writhe up and down those bare brick walls, whipping your imaginary Britney hair like no one and everyone is watching.


What kind of music do you play at a house party? Err, DUH! House! They’re serving up heaps of it every Saturday at Circa Soho, from commercial sounds to Deep and Progressive House. Their resident DJs are all about giving you the best night out possible with the sounds you love bopping to. Get hurled into the party vibes, ready to head on over and dance the night away at Circa The Club. The night always keeps on going when you’re in Circa’s hands. 


Time to exercise that self-love on a Sunday. When you’re feeling fragile, there’s nothing better than some chilled disco sounds and some hair of the dog. Ease yourself out of that hangover with soul and funk grooves. Sit back as they put that disco deck to good use, dishing out some medicinal music moments.

Circa Soho, 62 Frith St, Soho W1D 3JN. Open ‘til 1 am all week.