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The French Film Festival is back to Ciné Lumière from 1 to 12 November, presenting the best and newest French Cinema. Expect over forty screenings, UK premieres, and talents attending Q&As, including Palme d’Or winning director Justine Trietand more. 

Highlights include the screening and the Q&A of Marinette, inspired by the life of Marinette Pichon, one of the world’s greatest football stars. The film follows her fight to spread awareness of women’s rights in sports, having come out in an era where there was no such thing as LGBTQ+ rights. The screening on 4 November will be followed by a virtual Q&A with director Virginie Verrier and Marinette Pichon. There’s another screening on the 9 November.

They’ll also be screening Red Islandthe latest film by Robin Campillo, whose powerful film 120 BPM (Beats Per Minute) won many hearts and prizes, including the the Grand Prize of the Jury, as well as the Queer Palm at the Cannes Film Festival 2017.

The French Film Festival is from 1 – 12 November at Ciné Lumière, French Institute of the United Kingdom, 17 Queensberry Pl, South Kensington, London SW7 2DW, United Kingdom.

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